Catching Up With Tyler Johnson

Tyler Johnson sat down with HEAT.com recently to discuss what he’s been up to during the offseason.

First off, how was Waiters Weekend?

It was cool. Had a good time supporting the teammates. We all went up there. It was a good time. We were able to get some work done.

How long were you up in Philly?

We got there Thursday night, worked out with Dion Waiters and all them Friday morning. And then we went to the event and then we left the next morning.

What kind of things have you been working on this summer?

A lot of catch-and-shoot, a lot of pick-and-roll jumpers and then just the everyday things that I was trying to work on before: my handles, reading the game, understanding the game, time and situation. Trying to do different things while I’m tired to simulate what it would be like in a game to keep track of five, six, seven different things while you’re tired.

In late July, you went back to Fresno State. How was that experience for you?

It was good to get back to my roots. I got to see my old coaching staff, who’s all still there. Just to sit and talk with them about where I was at. I remember being a guy trying to figure out my way though life, not just in the basketball sense. So I thought it was really beneficial for guys to see me come back because I know how inspirational it was when guys like Paul George or Greg Smith or Rafer Alston or someone like that came back.

How cool has it been to watch your brother, Logan, rise through the ranks in AAU tournaments and high school ball?

I love it. He’s definitely a lot farther along than I was at that age. So it’s awesome to see that he’s able to implement some of things that we’ve worked on together throughout our time working out into his game situations. I don’t know what the word would be, but I feel a lot of pride when I get to watch him play like that.

He plays on your AAU team, right, the Tyler Johnson Elite?

Yeah, Tyler Johnson Elite.

How intense are 1-on-1 games with him?

They’re not.


Who do you think can win it?

Probably you.

I’m a grown man. He’s a high schooler.

Exactly. Right.

There’s nothing yet. Maybe eventually. It’ll get there in a couple more years, but not yet.

Did you attend El Clásico a couple weekends ago?

I did.

How’d you like the atmosphere?

I loved it. It was definitely a memorable experience. Just the atmosphere is totally different.

Right. Because I think you guys went for a Dolphins game with UD, so soccer is a completely different atmosphere.

Completely because I mean people are going the whole game. You might only have two, three goals, but they’re into it the whole game. I definitely loved it. I’m putting it on my bucket list to go overseas and see a couple games.

What are your thoughts on David Beckham trying to get an MLS team here in Miami?

That’d be dope. I think it would be good. I know there’s a lot of soccer fans down here, so I think it would be super beneficial for the community. It would just be another thing to keep people coming back to Miami.

Do you have a favorite soccer team?

I don’t really follow it like a whole lot, but if there’s a game on overseas…

You’ll watch it.

Yeah. I watched the Portland Timbers play the LA Galaxy yesterday, so if there’s a game on, I will sit and watch it.