Women Changing The Game: Jessica Geymayr

Senior Account Manager, Partnership Marketing

What has been your experience as a woman working in professional sports?

Ever since I was in college, I was lucky enough to know exactly what I wanted to do. Whether it was during my time at Roc Nation, the Denver Broncos, or even here at the Miami HEAT, my experience as a woman working in professional sports has been positive because I know there have been women before me who have paved the way for my successes. I had tenacity, I had intention, and I was very strong. I think that has stayed with me throughout my entire career in sports so far. 

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In your opinion, what role do women play in our much talked about “HEAT Culture?”

From the second I joined the HEAT, I was hearing about HEAT Culture. What it meant and what it stood for. Although I have only been with the organization for a year, I can honestly say that we implement everything we talk about. We truly are a family! We work so hard at fostering a positive culture. Women's voices are heard. They are respected. And they are appreciated. I have never felt this way at another organization, and I am very proud to not only talk about it but be about it! 

A moment in time where you thought, “Wow, I have a cool job.”

So many amazing memories in my one short year so far! My favorite has to be when we formally announced the new name of FTX Arena on June 4th, 2021. It was such a celebration of a new era, and I was so proud to be there in that moment. 

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What unique aspects of your role get you excited? 

I thrive on positive communication and open dialogue. I get excited about Corporate Partnerships and Partnership Marketing because I can manage client relationships while representing the HEAT in a positive light. I handle an array of partnerships that range from Carnival Cruise Lines, FTX, Kia Motors, NRG, State Farm, Pepsi, Socios, Therabody, and more. I am able to learn about these amazing organizations, create and foster relationships while being able to experience and grow with them on and off the court. 

Have you had any strong female leaders that have "changed the game" for you? 

Throughout my career, I have had some amazing women pave the way and show me what it takes to be a strong leader. However, I have to say that my mom is the strongest female leader I know! She definitely "changed the game". My mom owns and operates two very successful businesses in Miami while caring and loving for her family in her off time. She taught me the important balancing act of life and for that, I am eternally grateful. 

Picture of Jessica and her Mom

What’s something you’ve done to take care of your mental health this year?

Mental health is extremely important. For some “me” time, I love reading and continued education. I take classes on leadership, communication, and sports psychology. I also love to ride horses, dance, and be on the ocean.  

How important is it in your role to develop and empower the next generation of women leaders? What steps will you take to make this happen?

It is not just important, it is everything! Being able to develop and empower positive behavior in the younger generation is why we do what we do. Now that I have two amazing women reporting to me, it comes full circle. I am able to give back all of the leadership qualities I've learned throughout my career, and plant seeds in them. I give them the tools to succeed and entrust that they are equipped to handle the tasks assigned, knowing with confidence they are representing myself and the organization in the best light.

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Is there a quote that resonates with you in your everyday life?

I heard a quote that said, "pride is a great predator of our potential". It reminds me to stay humble and continue to elevate those around me by being a servant leader both inside and outside of my organization. 

One piece of advice you’d offer to a woman looking to break into the sports/entertainment world.

Jokingly, I would say that we don't live in a microwave era. We all want things to happen fast, but the reality of it is that we have to work hard. As a woman trying to break into the sports and entertainment world, I would recommend building a network, foster positive relationships, learn how to communicate effectively, be empowered in your abilities, and be patient.

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