Woman of the HEAT: Jennifer Tobias Alvarez

Chief of Creative & Content
by Miami HEAT

1. What’s the story on how you became a part of the HEAT Family? I was a graduate student at FAU and attended a marketing presentation given by our EVP/CMO Michael McCullough. I was so impressed by the presentation that I knew I wanted to work for Michael, so I applied for the first open position in marketing that was available.

2. Favorite moment with this organization. I have so many great memories over my 15 years, but if I had to choose it’s probably the night we won the 2013 Championship. After the game and on-court trophy ceremony, all the employees and their families poured into the office and we all sang, danced, and played instruments together. It was like a massive jam session and something everyone there will forever remember.

3. With the changing times, there are many more women in roles within the sports world. What are your thoughts on women in sports and how is the HEAT a leader in this area? Companies that prioritize having diverse perspectives are more successful than others, so it’s imperative that sports teams and leagues have women in leadership roles. At the HEAT, our business is constantly evolving, and we require different skill sets and expertise so it should come as no surprise that women are showing up and performing at a high level.

The HEAT is a leader when it comes to diversity and inclusion, which certainly plays a part in overall business success. Our culture recognizes effort and hard work, regardless of gender, race, or orientation, and my long, ascending career is a testament to that.

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