Pat Riley: “[Herro] Is A Perfect Pick For Us”

Pat Riley
Photo Credit: HEAT
by Joe Beguiristain

In the wee hours of Friday morning, HEAT President Pat Riley spoke to the media about Tyler Herro and what the 19-year-old can bring to the team. Check out some notable quotes below.

On Herro & His Outlook

We’re…really excited about Tyler. Obviously, I think most of you know and have written, honestly and truthfully, that we do need shooting. We have lost some of our perimeter players over the last year, and Tyler had just an incredible workout with us, great interview. I saw him in three or four tournament games, and [I was] just really impressed with his overall game. The fact that he’s a sticker and a great free-throw shooter is just part of his game. We do feel like there is an upside to him that can make him even more complete once he gets more opportunities in those situations. And I think the way we develop players here, especially Spo and this staff, that we made a great pick today. So we’re excited about it, and he fills a void. And we feel…that he has an opportunity to play immediately for us, so it’s going to be up to him, it’s going to take lot of hard work, but I’ve never met a more enthusiastic guy when he was here for the workout, when we interviewed him. He’s just right on with his attitude and his approach and how much he wants to be a professional. And he really is excited to be here, too, so we’re happy to have him.

On Herro’s Pre-Draft Workout

He shot the ball extremely well, but I think he shot the ball extremely well in most of his workouts. But in one of our workouts, we have one particular shooting drill that not one of our guards in all the years that we’ve brought them in for workouts even came close to what he did. And it usually takes the Ray Allens of the world and the Wayne Ellingtons of the world…it’s a challenging three-point shooting drill, and he just buried it. He really did. I think he made his last 25 in a row or something like was just a great workout he had. But we also had him rated very high…we’re excited about him. And we need him, so this is a perfect pick for us.

On Herro’s Growth At Kentucky

When I talked to [John Calipari], Cal couldn’t keep him off the court. Cal wants to win, and he said he just couldn’t keep the kid off the court [late in the season]. He had grown so much during the course of the year. He had so much confidence in him, so I think he’s a complete player that will compete defensively [and] get better.

On How Herro Fits

He adds depth…he is the perfect complement, I think, to any player because he can space the floor and shoot the ball. You can also put the ball in his hands, he’s a catch-and-shoot player, he’s a pick-and-roll player, but what I like about him is that his work ethic is second to none…I think he’s going to fit right in with all of these guys.


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