Resilience: Faith, Focus, Triumph

An inspirational memoir by the NBA champion, Olympic gold medalist, and kidney transplant survivor whose charitable foundations help countless
people in communities throughout the country.

From petitioning himself into foster care as a ten-year-old, to studying his way onto the Dean's list at Georgetown, to battling his way into superstar status in the NBA, Alonzo Mourning's internal strength, belief, and determination have driven him his entire life.  But it was not until he was diagnosed with a rare kidney disease and underwent a kidney transplant in 2003 that Mourning realized the true nature of his RESILIENCE.

In September 2000, Alonzo Mourning was on the top of the world. He had a huge new contract with the NBA’s Miami Heat, a new Olympic gold medal, and a second beautiful child; all to go with fame and fabulous fortune. But it was also then that he was diagnosed with a rare, incurable and degenerative kidney disease, Focal Glomerulosclerosis (FSGS). Rocked by reality, Mourning’s will would soon be tested to its limits.  But true to his nature, Mourning vowed to overcome FSGS and to help raise awareness. Over the next three years he went in and out of retirement, donated an entire season's salary to charity, retired again and finally, in 2003, after a frantic search for a donor match, found all of his six feet ten inches, 255 pounds lying "as helpless as an infant" in a hospital recovery room.  

Blessed with a new kidney and a new outlook on life, Mourning vowed to make this second chance count, to rededicate himself to others and open up his hard exterior. As he worked himself back into shape, Alonzo started his first charitable foundation, which had raised more than $6 million for various organizations that aid at-risk children; in 2003 he opened his first youth center in Miami, Florida. And though most expected he would never play again, in 2006 Mourning helped lead the Miami Heat to its first NBA championship.

This is not your average sports story.....

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