Herro Talk

Catching up with the HERRO himself

What are three lessons you’ve learned being a new father?

How to change a diaper, for real! That was something I had to learn how to do. Next would be how to balance sleep and taking care of her with work. I think the last one would be just balancing everything in general.

How has being a new dad changed your perspective on things, even when it comes to playing basketball?

It’s no longer about me. I’m not the main person anymore. I have to make sure she’s good no matter what.

Who picked her name?


Is there a locker room moment that you’ll never forget?

Probably last year during Finals when we lost the game. Our locker room was crazy, a whole lot of yelling. We all embraced it and that was the best part of it. We didn’t take anything personal that anyone was saying to each other. The next day, we came in and got back to work. We really embraced the HEAT culture at that point in time.

Who do you think is the most stylish NBA player?

I think I am…[We agree, and he has a full Court Culture collection to prove it!]

What about your two brothers. Who has the most style out of them?

Probably the youngest one. He’s risky too, he’ll do anything.

Does he try to live up to his big bro’s rep?

Yes, of course. He’ll send me messages of trends he think he started but I’ve been doing it. It’s funny.

Photos: @nolimitherro


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