Fighting for Social Justice & Equality

Solomon Hill
Photo Credit: HEAT
by Joe Beguiristain

Part of HEAT culture is standing up for what is right.

In light of systemic racism and the death of George Floyd, the HEAT and the NBA as a whole have taken a stand to support the Black Lives Matter movement.

As for who’s been leading the discussion and helping the team take action, look no further than Solomon Hill.

“[Hill has] been really poignant with his view on this. In our first team Zoom meeting where we talked about it, he was outstanding, just the way he articulated his feelings and his thoughts on this movement,” Erik Spoelstra said. “First, the reality of the situation of we’re living in a country where there’s a history of this systemic racism and inequalities and social injustices that we all have had to open our minds to really, truly try to understand how this has been centuries of building on this. Solomon in our discussions has really been enlightening, not only to the team, but for myself…he has great experience. He has respect, and I really respect his action…Solo has been great in directing the conversation and then [providing] guidance about where we can make the biggest changes. One of those…is voting education and registration.”

Even though Hill has led the charge for the HEAT, he stressed the importance of unity and this being a concerted initiative.

“It’s a combined effort,” Hill said. “If everybody in the NBA is on the same wavelength, it adds to the collective. Instead of it being one, two guys, three guys, maybe even 20 guys. Collectively as the NBA, we’re showing unity. And we hope it spreads to each and everybody that reaches out and watches us while we’re playing in this bubble.”


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