AmericanAirlines Arena Boosts Wireless Capacity & Coverage

MIAMI – AmericanAirlines Arena guests will experience a tremendous boost in their cellular service as a result of a multi-milliondollar upgrade to the facility’s infrastructure. The recent installation of a new Distributed Antenna System (DAS) provides enhanced cellular wireless coverage and capacity throughout the facility. Connected cellular carriers include AT&T Wireless, T-Mobile, Verizon and Sprint. The upgrade is part of TheHEAT Group’s continuous investment to support growing demand for wireless devices and services.

The additional capacity and coverage at the AmericanAirlines Arena optimizes call reliability and enables more consistent, reliable and faster data network access to its customers. DAS consists of over 320 strategically-placed antennas connected to an industry-leading cellular infrastructure that distributes wireless coverage throughout all heavily-trafficked areas to help manage high-density cellular network capacity.

“Through its deployment of a state-of-the art indoor DAS network, AmericanAirlines Arena is revolutionizing the ways fans stay connected with friends and family around the world," said Tony Coba, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer of The HEAT Group. "This allows our patrons to instantly share their in-venue experiences via their mobile devices by sharing calls, videos, texts and photos ensuring a superb cellular wireless experience before, during and after a live basketball game or concert."

Arena guests will experience improved reception when making calls, checking emails, downloading apps or surfing the internet.