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1992 – A Very Good Year

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MIAMI, Mar. 14
- Shaquille O’Neal, Christian Laettner and now Alonzo Mourning – 1992 was a very good year for the Miami HEAT.

O’Neal, Mourning and Laettner were picked first, second and third, respectively, in the 1992 NBA Draft. And with the recent return of Zo to the HEAT makes Miami the first team in NBA history to have the top three picks in a draft on a given team.

The trio has lived up to their draft status, combining for 20 All-Star appearances.

Having the top three picks is great, but Shaq, Laettner and Zo aren’t the only players from their draft class who’ve had a stint with the HEAT.

It’s safe to say that the ’92 draft was hit by a HEAT wave.

The fourth overall pick, Jimmy Jackson, played in 55 contests for the HEAT from 2001-02. The next selection, LaPhonso Ellis, played in South Florida from 2001-03. Two picks later, Walt Williams was selected seventh by Sacramento. He appeared in 28 games, including the playoffs, for the HEAT during 1995-96 season.

Todd Day, picked eighth overall by Milwaukee, played briefly for the HEAT, five games in 1997. Clarence Weatherspoon was selected ninth by the Philadelphia 76ers and played in South Florida from 1998-00.

That leaves only current Atlanta Hawks forward Tom Gugliotta, who was selected sixth by the then Washington Bullets, as the only top nine pick not to have played for Miami.

Having eight out of the first nine picks isn’t bad. But what’s even better is having five other picks from that draft – Don MacLean, who was drafted by Detroit and played for the HEAT during the 2000-01 season and PJ Brown, drafted by New Jersey and played four productive seasons with Miami from 1996-00.

The other three players were actually drafted by the HEAT that season. With the 12th pick in the first round, Miami grabbed the high-flying Harold Miner out of USC. Dubbed ‘Baby Jordan’, Miner averaged 9.6 points in three seasons with the HEAT. In the second round, Miami drafted Isaiah Morris out of Arkansas and Matt Geiger from Georgia Tech.