Miami HEAT Hotshot Challenge Powered by HOMECOURT

Play for a chance to compete at NBA All-Star 2020

How To Participate

The Miami HEAT Hotshot Challenge gives fans the opportunity to participate in the program in one of two ways: using the HomeCourt mobile app or visiting a Miami HEAT Challenge Event.

The Program will be divided into up to 31 individual challenges, one for each NBA Market and one for non-team markets. Up to thirty-one (31) Finalists one Finalist for each team market and one Finalist from non-team markets will be selected by the NBA to participate in the final Hotshot Challenge at NBA All-Star 2020 in Chicago, IL

The Program for the Miami HEAT market ends on January 5, 2020.

What Is HomeCourt?

HomeCourt is a breakthrough app that captures, tracks and analyzes your basketball skills using just your iPhone or iPad.

HomeCourt uses your iPhone or iPad to intelligently capture how you play—from your shots, to your dribbling, to your movements. By combining proven training concepts with real-time analysis, HomeCourt’s unique “train and play” model helps anyone get better at basketball. It’s the fastest way to develop basketball skills in a way that feels less like training and more like a video game.

How To Play Hotshot?

Shoot as many shots as you can from 5 different zones. Using only one ball, you have 1 minute to score as many points as possible from 5 "hot spots" on the court. No help from rebounders allowed. The player with the most amount of points in 1 minute wins.


Shots made from various zones on the court, or "hot spots," are worth different point values. Choose from any zone to score as many points as you can in the time allotted.

3 points from the baseline (either side of the key)

4 points from the elbow (either side)

5 points at the top of the 3-point arc

You're allowed to attempt a maximum of two layups per game and each made layup is worth 2 points.

Making shots in all five zones gives you bonus points at the end of your gameplay. Combo bonus is worth 5pts each time you make shots from all five hot spots.

Official Rules HomeCourt App

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