Burnie - The Miami HEAT Mascot

If you’ve ever been to a HEAT home game, you know the experience isn’t complete without a glimpse of the franchise’s most famous flame: Burnie! Standing 7’6” with fire-orange fur and a green basketball nose, Burnie’s larger-than-life look and fun-loving energy has fired up HEAT fans for 32 years and counting.

And yes, Burnie does bring the heat beyond FTX Arena. In fact, he’s available for a wide variety of virtual appearances, from corporate functions to birthday parties, school visits, and every event in between.

To book Burnie for your virtual appearance, please email crogers@heat.com. This contact information is to be used for Burnie booking inquiries only. Unsolicited emails and/or phone calls will NOT be returned.

Burnie's Video Playlist

Burnie Highlights

Watch your Miami HEAT Mascot, Burnie, in action!

Burnie's Video Playlist

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Burnie Highlights

Watch your Miami HEAT Mascot, Burnie, in action!
May 28, 2020  |  01:26

Burnie's Birthday

HEAT Nation celebrates Burnie's Birthday on Saturday night
Mar 3, 2018  |  00:38

Coloring with Burnie

Becoming a HEATLifer has no starting age, give your kids the joy of painting with the Miami HEAT by downloading these Burnie Coloring pages. Click the download button below each image to get a printable version of each image.


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