2018-19 Recap: One Door Closes, Another Opens

2018-19 Season Recap

While the 2018-19 season will forever be remembered as Dwyane Wade’s “One Last Dance”, it was also about the development of Josh Richardson, Justise Winslow, Derrick Jones Jr. and Bam Adebayo.

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2017-18 Recap: A Year of Redemption

2017-18 Season Recap

With the pain of missing the playoffs by the slimmest of margins ingrained in their memory, the HEAT entered the 2017-18 season seeking redemption. Take a look back at how Miami achieved that goal.

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2016-17 Recap: Culture Reigns Supreme

2016-17 Season Recap

The HEAT became the first team in NBA history to go from 19 games under .500 (11-30) to .500 (41-41) in the same season. You can think of a lot of terms to define the grit and fight Miami had to display night in and night out to accomplish that feat, but it can really be traced back to one simple word.


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2015-16 Recap: A Season of Change

2015-16 Season Recap

With all the adversity thrown Miami’s way in 2015-16, the team could have folded or succumbed to the pressure. But instead, the HEAT did just the opposite.

They adjusted.

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2014-15 Season Recap: Points of Hope

2014-15 Season Recap

The Miami HEAT’s 2014-15 season never seemed to get off on the right foot, but despite missing the playoffs for the first time in six years it’s difficult to see it as much other than a long-term success when you see the puzzle pieces being collected, even if they were never fully assembled.

Even though things started well enough, with wins over Washington, Toronto and Charlotte en-route to a 5-2 start through the first two weeks of the season, the HEAT weren’t complete. Without Josh McRoberts for almost all of training camp, including a trip to Rio de Janeiro for a game against the Cleveland Cavaliers, an already remodeled roster had almost no court time with someone who was supposed to be a key cog with his passing and floor spacing.

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Hall of Fame: Alonzo Mourning

Hall of Fame: Alonzo Mourning

The Miami HEAT have never played a particularly easy brand of defense. Sprinting. Blitzing. Help. Recovery. Some players just aren’t made to play such a style. But in watching Alonzo Mourning play, you would never know how difficult the system was.

To say Mourning worked hard or that, to borrow a scouting term, had a high motor, is a massive undersell. Mourning worked harder than anyone else on the court, and make it look completely natural. Nothing labored. Nothing forced. Just sheer energy, overwhelming in its consistency. Mourning didn’t appear to be working within Pat Riley’s system – the system was always trying to keep up with Mourning.


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