HEAT Dancer Blog: My Audition Process - Fabiana

Auditioning to become a Miami HEAT Dancer was not only a dream I was longing to accomplish, but a battle I had to endure. Without a doubt it was one of the most difficult, yet most rewarding processes I have ever undergone. Because I wasn’t a technically strong dancer, I had to train harder and more than the competition.  Months prior to open auditions I took endless dance classes, challenged my exercise regimen and enforced a stricter diet. However, one of the most important factors I worked on daily was my mindset. Focused and determined, I zeroed in on what I wanted and didn't allow anyone--especially myself-- to stop me from reaching my dreams. Once audition day arrived I felt more prepared and sure of myself.

My rookie year was definitely a rollercoaster of experiences and challenges. It taught me to constantly fight for what I wanted and to never put limitations on myself and my talents. I not only changed as a dancer, but as a woman as well. I like to describe my rookie year as a metamorphosis. I began a determined, but insecure, caterpillar and blossomed into a stronger, more colorful and confident butterfly. Although the challenges presented were tough, with the help of my teammates, coach and manager, rookie year was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. If you're reading this with the hopes of becoming a Miami HEAT dancer I can only say to come in with confidence, humility and the ability to demonstrate your amazing personality and determination.