Miami HEAT App

When we re-engineered the Miami HEAT App, we set out to create the perfect digital companion for HEAT Fans.

We worked with BeyondCurious to translate our vision into a fresh user experience that’s scalable for the future. We partnered with to translate the design into a framework that puts fan experience first. In the process, we built an app specifically suited to our fans’ needs, setting new benchmarks for performance, innovation, UX, and usage in a sports app.

With a best-in-class rich content feed, plus features like interactive games, way-finding, mobile ticketing, and mobile payment, the HEAT App blurs the lines between the digital and analog — allowing us to future-proof our digital strategy and changing what it means to be a HEAT fan in the digital age.

For HEAT fans, there's absolutely no better way to stay up-to-date, no better way to get into the game, and no better way to connect with the team. With over half a million downloads (and counting), the Miami HEAT App will continue to perform at a championship-level across every metric now — and for the foreseeable future.