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We create the ultimate HEAT Experience for our Group Sales customers. We're excited to offer the following Fan Experience options including chances to high-five players, enter AmericanAirlines Arena before the general public, or even play or perform on the HEAT's home court!

Halftime Experience


Your group will take the Miami HEAT court at halftime! Perform a routine or play a basketball game in front of friends, family, and the Miami HEAT faithful!

Court of Dreams Program


Ballers of all ages and skill levels compete live on-court at the HEAT's house! Teams can schedule court time before or after any HEAT home game.

Primetime Series Performance


Play or perform at center court mere minutes before the HEAT game tips off! This program is ideal for youth basketball teams, cheerleaders, dance and pep squads, and gymnastics groups!

Anthem Buddies


Your kids will join the HEAT on-court prior to tipoff! Up to 20 children (ages 9-14) will stand with HEAT players and visiting players as theNational Anthem is performed pregame.

Postgame Free Throws


The game is tied. Only a few seconds left on the clock. The pressure is mounting. You step up to the free throw line to win it all…Give every member of your group that experience with the Postgame Free Throw Fan Experience!

High Five Club


Gimme five! Just before warmups, up to 25 young fans (ages 9-14) will line the entrance to the AmericanAirlines Arena court and slap fives with the players as they enter!

Early Entry


Here's your sneak peek! Enter the AmericanAirlines Arena 30 minutes beforethe public and get an exclusive look as HEAT players and training staff warm up before the game!

Color Guard Presentation


Your group will proudly present our Nation's Colors at center court just before tipoff and the National Anthem!

Theme nights & Special Packages

School Spirit Night

Book 601

Entertain groups in style at 601, AmericanAirlines Arena’s newest waterfront restaurant and event space. Host meetings and catered events in the private dining room or chic outdoor Cabana, before, during and after games.


Dine with Us

Group Catering & Dining Options

HEAT Fans can enjoy a group outing for business or pleasure in a variety of unique meeting and dining locations, with easy to order menus in all price ranges. Consult your Group Account Sales Representative or call 786.777.DUNK.


2018-19 Group Sales Ticket Package

2018-19 Group Sales Ticket Package

Purchase an eligible 2018-2019 Group Sales Ticket Package of $500 or more with your American Express® Card and get a $50 American Express ® Gift Card.


School Spirit Night

School Spirit Night

Represent your school pride at a HEAT game! The school with the most students, faculty, and staff in attendance will have the opportunity to win a Pep Rally at their school with Burnie! Call 786.777.DUNK for more information.

Non-Profit of The Night

Non-Profit of the Night

Want to showcase your Non-Profit at a HEAT game? This package gives your organization the exclusive opportunity to share your story with HEAT fans while creating awareness for your cause. Package includes 200 tickets to the game, an information table on the concourse during the game to distribute information about your non-profit to HEAT fans, a pre-game on-court recognition opportunity to recognize volunteers or beneficiaries of your non-profit, and a pre-game on-court recognition opportunity to recognize volunteers or beneficiaries of your non-profit, and a Twitter post about your recognition to the HEAT's 3.2 million followers! For full details, call 786.777.DUNK.

Scout Night

Scout Night

Special discounted ticket for all South Florida Boy & Girl Scouts. Get your pack or troop together for a fun night at a HEAT game. Each scout in attendance will receive a special Miami HEAT patch. Scouts will have the ability to participate in the Anthem Buddies program (based on availability). For full details, call 786.777.DUNK.

Faith and Family Night

Faith & Family Night

Faith & Family Night is a time for fellowship and fun for your congregation. Special fan experiences are available such as hosting a pregame concert/fellowship event on our east/south plazas. Use this great opportunity to get your family members, youth group, and community together for a fun night at a HEAT game. Call 786.777.DUNK for more information.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I get started?

    If you have a group of 10 or more, contact the Miami HEAT Group Sales Team at (786)-777-DUNK where a Miami HEAT Account Manager will assist you with planning your night!

  • How do I commit to purchasing group tickets?

    All of our initial payments are based upon the number of tickets you anticipate to purchase.  All group tickets must be paid 30 days prior to your group’s game date.  All deposits are nonrefundable and will go towards your total group ticket purchase. In order to commit to purchasing group tickets the first step is to place a group deposit.

    Reserve 100 or more group tickets: $250
    Reserve 10-99 group tickets: $100

  • What happens when I make my initial payment?

    We anticipate a waiting list of groups again for the 2015-16 season. By placing your initial payment now, you secure your spot to take place in our Group Sales Renewal Game Date Selection Process. By placing this initial payment early, you are giving your group the opportunity to select your game date and fan experience prior to any new group customer. Group Tickets are still based upon availability, but by making this initial payment now you are putting your group in the best possible position to have the opportunity to purchase group tickets for the 2015-16 season.

  • What are the ticket minimums for each Fan Experience?

    Fan Experience and Ticket Minimum
    Halftime Performance: 500
    Burnie Guest Appearance/Pep Rally: 350
    3-Hour Court of Dreams: 450
    2-Hour Court of Dreams: 300
    1-Hour Court of Dreams: 150
    8 minute pre-Game Primetime Performance: 200
    4 min pre-game Primetime Performance: 100
    Anthem Buddies: 100
    Post-Game Free Throws: 50
    Early Entry: 30
    High Five Club: 75
    HEAT Fan Express Bus: 54
    Color Guard: 50
    Information Table on Concourse: 50 (only available to non-profits)
    Food & Beverage Catered Events: 20 (F&B costs not included)

  • If my group wants to add more than one fan experience to our group night, how many initial payments should I place?

    We are requesting each group to make an initial payment based upon the total number of group tickets you purchase. Each fan experience has a ticket minimum

    For example: The High 5 Club experience is a 75 ticket minimum and the Post Game Free Throw experience is also a 50 ticket minimum. Therefore, if you would like to reserve both for your group, you will need to make an initial payment of $250 since your group would be purchasing over 100 tickets total (125 ticket minimum for both experiences).

  • What happens if our group does not reach the ticket sales minimum for the fan experience we have reserved?

    The Miami HEAT Group Sales Department reserves the right to release the fan experience you selected if your group does not reach the required ticket minimum.

  • If my group wants to purchase group tickets to multiple games, how many initial payments should I place?

    We are requesting each group to make an initial payment based upon the total number of group tickets you purchase. If you would like to purchase group tickets for multiple games you must purchase a minimum of 10 group tickets for each game date. If your group plans on attending multiple games, but in total will not exceed 100 tickets, you will need to place a $100 deposit. If your games total more than 100 tickets, you will need to place a $250 ticket.

    For example: Your group wants to buy 300 group tickets and attend three separate games. Therefore, you will need to place a $250 initial payment since you are purchasing a total of 300 group tickets.

  • Can I use money that was left on my account from the 2017-18 season as my initial payment?

    Yes. If you have money remaining on your account, you may use that towards your initial payment.  However, your order date for the Group Game Date Selection Process will be determined by the date and time you sign and return your invoice back to your Group Sales Account Manager with the Miami HEAT. You can call 786.777.3865 to receive more information.

  • Is our group guaranteed the same seat location as the 2017-18 season?

    All group tickets are subject to availability; your group is not guaranteed the same location as the previous season. Once your group places an initial deposit payment, your priority for game(s), fan experience(s), and seat location(s) will be determined by the date we received your signed renewal invoice.

  • How much are group tickets for the 2017-18 season?

    For more information, please see our Group Sales Pricing guide.

  • When am I required to pay in full for my group tickets?

    All group tickets must be paid in full 30 days prior to your group’s game date. If you still have unpaid group tickets on your account after the 30-day deadline, the tickets and fan experiences for your group will be void and the seat locations will be released to the general public. Additionally, if you have group tickets reserved on your account past 30 days prior to your game date your group ticket rate is subject to change.

  • I have a question not listed above. What do I do?

    If you'd like to ask us something not answered above, please feel free to reach out to us by calling 786-777-DUNK (3865) and we'll be happy to help.

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