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Miami HEAT Dancers
Miami HEAT Dancer, Chiara head shot


  • Birthday: June 25
  • Hometown: Pembroke Pines, FL
  • Alma Mater: FIU

What's something people may not know about you?

I used to play softball for eight years and was even part of a travel team. I had to choose between the two sports. I think it's pretty obvious which one I chose!

How would your family and friends describe you in one word?


What does having confidence mean to you?

Being sure of yourself and being unapologetically you.

Outside of dance, what will we find you doing? (Hobbies, favorite activities, etc.)

I read a lot! It's honestly my favorite hobby. I also really enjoy spending time with my family. Every Sunday we have a BBQ pool day at my parent's house, and we all get together and just laugh and create memories.

Do you have any hidden talents?

I think I'm a great singer... but my family may say otherwise.

What's something you're grateful for today?

I'm grateful for my family. My parents and fiancé have been nothing but supportive and have gone above and beyond to make me feel it. I never doubt their love and compassion for me.