Coach's Corner

HEAT Camp - Gatorade

Welcome to Coach's Corner where we teach you the basketball fundamentals skills to improve your game. This week's focus is handling the ball.

Ball Handling

Two Hand Dribble

Alternating Dribble

When you dribble, use your fingertips and not your palms to maintain control. Keep the ball no higher than your waist.

Keep your head up to see oncoming defenders. Stay low to the ground to protect the ball.

Switch Hands Dribble

Standing Double Cross Dribble

Use two balls to improve your dribbling. If you can handle two balls, then one will seem easier.

You should always make drills more complex to challenge yourself. Try alternating your crossover to work with both hands.

Close-out Defense

Setting a Screen

Pick-and-Roll Ball-Handler Finish


When you set a screen, the proper position is critical. Seal the defender by making contact with their shoulder to create an open lane for the ballhandler.

Screens provide options. Instead of remaining still, the screener cuts into the passing lane. This is referred to as a 'pick-n-roll.' Before a cut, box out your defender to prevent them from intercepting the pass.


On this play, the defender stays with the ball. Instead of rolling toward the basket, the screener drifts outward for an open jumper. This is commonly referred to as a 'pick-n-pop.'


Chest Passing

Chest Pass with Pivot Foot

Always try to pass the ball with two hands. It's stronger and more accurate than using one hand, and it allows you to change the direction of your pass if the defense gets in the way.

Step into your pass and use your pivot foot as a guide for the ball. Step with the same foot as your dominant hand.

Bounce Pass

Lead Passing

A proper bounce pass should hit your teammate's chest. When you attempt the pass, thrust your hands toward the floor to create backspin. This makes it easier for your teammate to catch the ball.

A lead pass is a great way to practice accuracy. To throw a proper lead pass, aim for your teammate's outside shoulder. If you aim for their chest, you'll throw the ball behind them.

Basketball Shooting 101

Remember, when it comes to shooting, focus on aligning your toe, knee and elbow and then extend your body for the perfect follow through.


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