HEAT Academy: Carnival Cruise Lines Scholarship Program

Carnival Cruise Lines Scholarship Program

Now in its twentieth year of existence, the Carnival Scholarship Program was developed in collaboration with the Florida Prepaid College Foundation. This program continues to enable 15 fifth-grade students from Paul L. Dunbar K-8 Center, Jesse J. McCrary, Jr. Elementary and Riverside Elementary schools who are currently enrolled in HEAT Academy and go on to participate in the Carnival Scholarship and Mentoring Program, to be eligible for a four-year tuition scholarship to an accredited Florida college or university of their choice upon graduating high school.

Over the previous nineteen years, Carnival Foundation has purchased a total of 285 scholarships with a total value of more than $5 million. As part of the program, the Florida Prepaid College Foundation will match Carnival’s donation dollar-for-dollar to fund these scholarships. The Class of 2022 will be the thirteenth group of former HEAT Academy students eligible to apply for the Carnival Scholarship prior to their graduation.

In May 2021, the twelfth HEAT Academy / Carnival Scholarship and Mentoring Program graduating class was awarded 15 Carnival Scholarships. Carnival has presented 180 students with scholarships over the past twelve years.


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