VICEVERSA • /,vis(a) 'versa/ • With the order reversed; the other way around


Due to production delays, here's when you can expect your ViceVersa jersey to start shipping*:

Tyler HerroIn Stock Now

Duncan RobinsonIn Stock Now

Bam Adebayo3/1/21

Kendrick Nunn3/1/21

Jimmy Butler6/1/21

Goran Dragic6/1/21

Udonis Haslem6/1/21

All other players6/1/21

*Shipping dates are subject to change.

Can't Wait

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Fit for the future

In 2017, VICE was born: a trip back through time to the Miami of 1988.

But now—3 seasons since that first neon night—the iconic on—court identity has entered its final phase: ViceVersa.

A tribute, honoring its past through the prism of our future.

A uniform, coded as a composite of those that came before it.

A design, engineered to deceive your eye—and the opposition's.

So as we envision the Miami of a not-so-distant tomorrow, let's reflect on the legacy of its 80s era alter ego—and the latest look it's inspired.

VICE, in its final format.

A closer look at the fifth and final VICE uniform.

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