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Now you can access everything at your fingertips in the Atlanta Hawks + State Farm Arena App! Download the mobile app to access your Membership Portal.

Hawks Portal

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  • Access centralized account menu
  • View, transfer and resell tickets
  • Use your Hawks Card and access Hawks Bucks
  • See transaction history
  • Plus much more!


Member Portal Homepage
Hawks Card
Member Portal Hawks Bucks
Hawks Bucks
Member Portal Menu
Member Portal Menu. Access by tapping the 3 white lines in top, right corner.
Member Portal FAQs
Member Portal FAQs. Access by tapping Help in the Portal Menu.

Hawks Bucks

New! Hawks Bucks is the new digital currency that lets you redeem food, beverage, or retail at State Farm Arena. If your Membership includes the Hawks Bucks benefit, it will be loaded into your account at the start of the season and can be used throughout the regular season at your leisure. You can redeem in multiple ways including from your Member portal in the app or your ticket barcode.


Hawks Card


Direct Payments for Food and Merch

Keep It Simple

Upload your Chase credit or debit card to your Hawks wallet for easy transactions at State Farm Arena.


Who gets a Member Portal?
All Hawks Members, employees, owners, etc. with tickets will have access to a portal.
Can I view my rewards, discounts, and benefits in the Membership portal?
Yes, you will have access to all Membership-exclusive information with the app.
What is my Hawks Card?
Your Hawks card is the home screen in your Member Portal and can be accessed via mobile app or web. You must be a qualifying Member with a Ticketmaster login.
How do I locate my Hawks Card?
Tap Hawks Menu then My Hawks Card to access your Hawks Card. For mobile web, you must be on a phone and can search
What are Hawks Bucks?
Hawks Bucks are the Atlanta Hawks official digital currency. Hawks Bucks can live on a Member Portal (which expire at the end of a season) & can be used via your Hawks Card. OR Hawks Bucks can live on a ticket (which expire at the end of that ticketed event).
What can I use Hawks Bucks for?
You can use your Hawks Bucks to purchase food, beverages, and merchandise at State Farm Arena.
What is the difference between my Hawks Card & Loaded Tickets?
  • Hawks Card: Accessible via your Member Portal, and can be used for redeeming Hawks Bucks. Hawks Bucks on this Hawks Card will expire at the end of the season.
  • Loaded Ticket: A loaded ticket is any normal event ticket that has Hawks Bucks loaded onto it, which expire at the end of the event.
How do I get Hawks Bucks?
Hawks Bucks can be gained in a multitude of ways:
  • Ticket Plans: Certain ticket plans receive an allotment of Hawks Bucks depending on their plan type (such as Full-Season Members).
  • Ticket Types: Certain tickets may contain Hawks Bucks, such as specific group tickets, member-loaded tickets, etc.
  • Transferred Tickets: You may receive a transferred ticket that have Hawks Bucks already loaded onto them.
  • Member Portal Transfers: Those with Hawks Bucks on their Member Portal have the ability to transfer their Hawks Bucks to other Member Portals by inputting the recipient's email address & amount they want transferred.
What's the difference between a loaded ticket and normal ticket?
A loaded ticket is any normal event ticket that has Hawks Bucks loaded onto it. A normal ticket is simply a method of entry with no value to redeem for food, beverage, or retail.
How do I send Hawks Bucks to others or add to my ticket?
From the Menu, you can tap Wallet > Manage Hawks Bucks. From there, you can choose the amount of Hawks Bucks to add. You can also transfer Hawks Bucks from this page by entering an email address and amount.
How can I view my tickets?
Access tickets through the app or mobile web with your Ticketmaster login. For app, tap My Stuff in the menu and then tap Loaded Tickets. For mobile web, visit and tap Show Tickets.
What is a Safetix barcode?
Ticketmaster SafeTix™ are encrypted mobile tickets built with leading-edge technology and comes standard with powerful fraud and counterfeit protection. The moving barcode prevents screenshots from being used for entry.