Nine Things to Know About John Collins' 2017-18 Season

4) John showed remarkable touch near the rim. Collins successfully finished 69.1 percent of his shots in the restricted area, a mark that ranked him among the NBA's best finishers

5) John had one of the most efficient shooting seasons of all time for a rookie. According to Basketball Reference, Collins had the third-best effective field-goal percentage ever for a rookie and the fifth-best field-goal percentage. 

 John Collins is 20 years old. All of the players who had a better shooting percentage were 21 years old or older at the start of their rookie seasons. 

6) John led the Hawks in total rebounds (541), offensive rebounds (176) and blocks (80). Collins also ranked among the NBA's best in related rate-based statistics: offensive rebound rate (11.8 percent), total rebound rate (16.7 percent) and blocks per 36 minutes (1.6).

7) John, in his own words, on his summer improvement plan: 

"I want to get stronger and put some weight on in the weight room. Expand my game outwards and be able to shoot the 3-ball more consistently at a higher clip. Be a playmaker. Guard multiple positions. Just expand my game away from the rim. I've done a lot of my damage in and around the rim, being able to block shots and score."

8) John made 16 of his 47 three-point attempts (34.0 percent). Not bad for a player who attempted (and missed) the only long-distance try of his collegiate career. 

 But it's even more impressive when you consider that Collins missed his six longest attempts of the season, and those shots were all taken with one second or less remaining in the quarter. Subtract these end-of-quarter heaves, and Collins' three-point percentage looks even sunnier.

9) John, on the player who has helped him the most:

 "In the locker room, probably the biggest person was Dewayne (Dedmon). He has been in the league for (five) years now and seen everything that I'm going through and seeing right now. I definitely lean on him for a lot of information. And on the court, he's a big, so we share the same position, shooting and posting up. He always gives me tips and stuff like that."