Killer Mike & Hawks Announce New SWAG Shop Location at Transformed Philips Arena

Philips Arena
Atlanta’s own rapper, actor and activist Killer Mike will add to his collection of SWAG (Shave, Wash & Groom) Shops by opening a SWAG Shop in the arena. The 4-chair barber will shop give fans a chance to get a shave or haircut while watching the game live.

ATLANTA -- Wednesday at a press conference held at the Philips Arena in Atlanta, GA, Killer Mike and The Atlanta Hawks announced a new location for Mike's barbershop the SWAG Shop. Playing a key role in the re-imagination of the Philips Arena, the S(have) W(ash) A(nd) G(room) Shop is proud to work with The Atlanta Hawks to announce this new location which is the first of it's kind in a major arena.

Born and raised in Atlanta, Michael Render aka Killer Mike and his wife and business partner, Shana Render, opened the first SWAG Shop near his old neighborhood by the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, in hopes of improving the local community and providing sustainable opportunity for those struggling with employment while providing a first-class experience in an uplifting environment.

Atlanta Hawks CEO Steve Koonin states, "Killer Mike is a true Atlanta legend. His SWAG Shops are so important to the areas in Atlanta that they serve and we wanted to make sure that was represented in our new transformed arena. We believe in providing a diverse and inclusive entertainment experience and we are thankful that Killer Mike and his SWAG Shop will help us be authentic as we do so."

"I'm very happy that the front porch of the Hawks is going to be host to a SWAG Shop," Killer Mike said. "It really is like a dream coming true because now kids are going to be coming down early just to hang out in my shop, buy a t-shirt, get a haircut and watch the game."

For more information on becoming a Atlanta Hawks member, go here.

About Killer Mike:

Father, husband, activist, business owner and GRAMMY Award winning artist, Michael "Killer Mike" Render is as synonymous with Atlanta as Coca-Cola and The Varsity. Raised in the Adamsville/Collier Heights neighborhood on the Northwest side of the city, Render made a name for himself as an activist well before he ever recorded a song. As the grandson of a union member grandfather and civil rights advocate grandmother, being socially and politically active is in his blood.

A proud Atlantan-so much so that the city dubbed an $11.6 million boring machine, "Driller Mike" after him-Render has always stood up for what he believes is right. He worked locally with the anti-violence organization, Black Teens for Advancement and later with the Atlanta/Fulton Commission on Children and Youth, and its program, Kids 4 a Change. The rapper's advocacy caught the attention of the rest of the nation as one of the most prominent voices for Vermont senator Bernie Sanders' most recent presidential campaign. 

In July of 2016, Render used his considerable influence to urge citizens to move their money to black owned banks. The Bank Black program is estimated to have moved more than $60 million to black owned banking institutions. This October he will be presented with the James E. Young Visionary Leadership Award by the National Bankers Association for his impact over the past year.

Killer Mike's outspoken stances have gained him fans-or as he likes to refer to them-supporters from all around the world. After releasing several solo albums, Render found his artistic kindred spirit in an unlikely place in the form of producer and New York City native Jamie "El-P" Meline. The pair began working together in 2012 on Render's last solo album R.A.P. Music in 2012. The musical chemistry was so undeniable that they two formed the group, Run The Jewels. Each year since 2012, the duo's popularity has grown exponentially.

Fresh off of releasing their third self-titled album in early 2017 - the first to top Billboard Magazine's Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart - Killer Mike and his partner El-P are currently in the midst of a wildly successful world tour.

Despite his popularity, Render has always maintained a humble nature. He is a man of the people in the truest sense. When he isn't entertaining sold out venues, Render is often found at his SWAG Barbershop on Edgewood Avenue, or out on the town with his wife Shay and beautiful children Malik, Aniyah, Mykel "Pony Boy" and Michael Marie "Mikey". 


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