Atlanta Hawks Injury Update - Kris Dunn

Atlanta Hawks guard Kris Dunn underwent an MRI on Nov. 24th, which confirmed cartilage disruption in his right knee. He has been able to participate in modified individual workouts and modified team practice. While showing steady improvement from the cartilage disruption in his right knee, Dunn began experiencing discomfort in his right ankle and low back as his on-court loads increased. A recent MRI revealed loose cartilage inhibiting his range of motion in the ankle and creating compensations in his knees and low back. A tele-visit with Dr. Martin O’Malley of the Hospital of Special Surgery in New York on Dec. 23rd confirmed the diagnosis. Dunn is scheduled to undergo arthroscopic surgery to remove the loose cartilage in his right ankle on Wednesday, Dec. 30 at the Hospital of Special Surgery. An update will be provided following the procedure.