How to Manage Tickets How to Manage Tickets

Mobile tickets are used for event entry into State Farm Arena. You can view your tickets through Account Manager or your Ticketmaster Account. To manage tickets, see scores, get updates, and more, be sure to download the Atlanta Hawks + State Farm Arena App. Learn more below!

Atlanta Hawks + State Farm Arena App

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How do I reset my Account Manager password?
Once you are on the account login page, click Forgot Password. You will receive an email or text message with a one-time code to reset your password.
How do I access and use the Wallet feature?
If you are a season member you can go to the My Stuff Menu > Wallet. There you will be prompted to sign into your Member Portal. You will then have access to see your Hawks Card, loaded tickets, manage your Hawks Bucks and more.
What is a SafeTix™ rotating barcode and how does it prevent fraudulent tickets?
Ticketmaster SafeTix™ are powered by a new and unique barcode that automatically refreshes every 15 seconds. This greatly reduces the risk of ticket fraud from stolen or illegal counterfeit tickets. If you take a closer look at your ticket, you may notice that it has a gliding movement, making it in a sense, alive. That movement is our ticket technology actively working to safeguard you every second.
How does the SafeTix™ rotating barcode work?
The encrypted barcode automatically refreshes every few seconds to protect tickets from being screenshot or photocopied. A moving blue line on your barcode indicates you have SafeTix™ technology. SafeTix™ technology allows fans to enjoy a contactless experience and is available with Apple Wallet.
Can I use a screenshot to enter my event?
No. Your barcode includes leading-edge technology with fraud and counterfeit protection, so you won't be able to use screenshots or printouts. When you arrive at your event, use the Ticketmaster app or mobile website to locate your tickets.
What are Hawks Bucks?
Hawks Bucks are the Atlanta Hawks official digital currency. Hawks Bucks can live on a Member Portal (which expire at the end of a season) & can be used via your Hawks Card. OR Hawks Bucks can live on a ticket (which expire at the end of that ticketed event).
What's the difference between a loaded ticket and normal ticket?
A loaded ticket is any normal event ticket that has Hawks Bucks loaded onto it. A normal ticket is simply a method of entry with no Hawks Bucks accessible through it.
If I have a loaded ticket, how do I access the Hawks Bucks?
Members can access their Hawks Bucks in the Member Portal by tapping Hawks Card. All other fans can access their loaded ticket by having their SafeTix™ Barcode, Ticketmaster Voucher Code, or Wallet QR Code scanned.
What is the voucher tab on my mobile ticket?
This is the 2nd way to use your loaded ticket, although scanning the barcode is preferred. The mobile voucher QR Code is visible 3-5 days in advance of the game and can be scanned to access your loaded ticket value. If a ticket is transferred, please allow 15 minutes for the voucher to become active and available.
What if I can't download the mobile app?
You can always access your tickets via your smartphone's browser by logging in to your account at
If I purchased my tickets from Ticketmaster, can I access them through the Atlanta Hawks + State Farm Arena App?
Yes, you will be able to access your tickets via the Atlanta Hawks + State Farm Arena App by entering your email address and Ticketmaster password. Alternatively, you can access via your web or mobile browser.