State Farm Arena Transformation Nearing Completion

Check out a time lapse of the construction progress at State Farm Arena!

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State Farm Arena Transformation Nearing Completion

Check out a time lapse of the construction progress at State Farm Arena!
Sep 11, 2018  |  00:30

From Player To Owner: Grant Hill's Journey to Hall of Fame

We recap Grant Hill's run to the Hall of Fame.
Sep 11, 2018  |  00:38

John Collins Receives Virtual Tour of State Farm Arena

John Collins participated in our Preview Center tour to see the new sights of State Farm Arena.
Sep 10, 2018  |  00:53

Children's Healthcare of Atlanta Receives Special Visit From Hawks

Hawks along with Harry The Hawk spent their afternoon playing games with kids and families of Children's Healthcare of Atlanta.
Sep 8, 2018  |  00:28

Vince Carter Wanting To Create A Blueprint for Young Hawks Team

Vince Carter brings experience and wisdom to the game. He's ready to pass along to younger Hawks team.
Aug 29, 2018  |  00:52

Arena Transformation Taking Shape for the Future

The arena transformation is making an impressive amount of head way. Check out this time-lapse of the progress!
Aug 28, 2018  |  00:30

Getting To Know Alex Poythress

Meet the newest Atlanta Hawk, Alex Poythress! Alex talks about playing the forward position and his familiarity with Coach Pierce.
Aug 23, 2018  |  00:46

Getting To Know Daniel Hamilton

Meet the newest Atlanta Hawk, Daniel Hamilton! Daniel talks about what he brings to the team, his excitement to be in Atlanta & reuniting with his former teammate Tyler Dorsey.
Aug 23, 2018  |  00:46

Harry The Hawk Takes On Transformed Philips Arena

On this Transformation Tuesday, we follow Harry The Hawk through Philips Arena.
Aug 21, 2018  |  01:00

No Easy Buckets In Summer League

Check out some of our favorite blocks that happened in this season's Summer League!
Aug 15, 2018  |  01:09

Transformation Tuesday: Hawk Walk's Continued Progress

We are that much closer to seeing a futuristic look to the new Hawk Walk!
Aug 14, 2018  |  00:30

Our Favorite Blocks from Last Season Do Not Disappoint

Check out some of our favorite blocks from last season!
Aug 14, 2018  |  01:10

Trae Young Shares The Rock

In honor of NBA Assist Week, we look back at Trae Young's best dimes from Summer League.
Aug 9, 2018  |  00:27

NBA Assist Week: Point Centers

In celebration of NBA Assist Week, check out some of our favorite big man assists!
Aug 8, 2018  |  00:25

Getting To Know Alex Len

Alex Len, the newest Atlanta Hawk shares his connection to the program, why he switched his number and what role he thinks he'll have on the team.
Aug 7, 2018  |  01:00

No Days Off: Philips Arena Transformation

Take a look at the progress inside Philips Arena on this Transformation Tuesday, presented by Floor and Decor.
Aug 7, 2018  |  00:30

Alex Len To Be A Major Presence

Check out the top plays from Alex Len and what we can expect from him as an Atlanta Hawk!
Aug 6, 2018  |  00:58

Kevin Huerter Explains Why He Switched His Number

Rookie Kevin Huerter explains why he gave up the #1 to new Hawk Justin Anderson.
Aug 2, 2018  |  00:36

Harry the Hawk Takes On the Level Up Challenge

Harry the Hawk levels up with the help of a couple of ATL Hawks Cheerleaders!
Aug 1, 2018  |  00:27

Getting To Know Justin Anderson

Meet the newest Hawk, Justin Anderson. He talks about his past with Coach Pierce and future with the Atlanta Hawks.
Jul 31, 2018  |  01:26

Transformation Tuesday: Making More Headway

The arena is only two and a half months away from completion. Check out more of the process!
Jul 31, 2018  |  00:30

Good Things to Come from Justin Anderson

Check out Justin Anderson's top plays and what we can expect to see from him on the court!
Jul 28, 2018  |  00:58

Thank You, Dennis Schröder

Take a look at a few of our favorite moments from Dennis Schröder's five years as an Atlanta Hawk.
Jul 25, 2018  |  00:39

Thank You, Mike Muscala

We have compiled some of our favorite moments from Mike Muscala's five year tenure as a Hawk.
Jul 25, 2018  |  00:31

Throw it Down: Top Dunks From 2017-18 Season

For NBA Dunk Week, we recap our favorite dunks from the 2017-18 season.
Jul 24, 2018  |  02:26

Killer Mike Giving the SWAG This Season

Killer Mike's SWAG shop will be a luxury for you and fans to get that fresh shave, wash, and groom while watching the Hawks.
Jul 23, 2018  |  00:47

Omari Spellman Shows Off Versatility at Summer League

Omari Spellman showed off his versatility with points, rebounds, assists and blocks during NBA Summer League.
Jul 23, 2018  |  01:05

Jaylen Adams Goes to Work During Summer League

Take a look at our favorite Jaylen Adams highlights from NBA Summer League.
Jul 22, 2018  |  00:53

Hawks Space the Floor During Summer League

Take a look at our favorite three-pointers from Summer League.
Jul 21, 2018  |  00:55

Dorsey Shows Off Skill Set at NBA Summer League

Tyler Dorsey showed his improvement from his rookie season at Summer League. He finished with 19.5 PPG and 11 RPG.
Jul 20, 2018  |  00:57