Memories and Dreams

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"So the question is, 'what if.' I was the coach, I saw the excitement, even in just those (three) exhibitions, that he was able to bring like no one else. With him, I saw us as one of the great teams. I saw us as potential champions, I saw myself having an easy job. In Doc, I saw a younger Hawk (Connie Hawkins), doing all the same spectacular things and more. We won 46 that year in Atlanta. Give us Doc, and we'd have been pushing 60."

- Cotton Fitzsimmons, from an interview with Phil Jasner of the Philadelphia Daily News in 1987

"I remember those exhibition games. I would just grab a rebound, throw it out to Pete and get on the wing. Pete would always find you. He got his points, but he loved to pass the ball. He could hit you in full stride in a place where you could do something with the ball. That was a measure of his greatness."

"It really was one of the joys of my life to play with Pete, to be in training camp with him. We used to stay after practice and play one-on-one. We would play for dinner after practice."

- Julius Erving, from an interview with David Friedman, published in Basketball Digest in October of 2004

"Julius was the most creative player that I've ever played with. It was so easy to play with him. I think during that time my average was about 14 or 15 assists per game. I'd just come down the court and his eyes would see mine - and I knew that he was going to the hoop. I'd just throw a little rainbow up there and it'd be history because nobody could get up like Dr. J."

- Pete Maravich, in a 1987 interview for the book Maravich, by Wayne Federman and Marshall Terrill

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"Maravich had the most moves of any guard in the league. And Julius had the most moves of any forward. It was like Fred Astaire and Gene Kelley dancing together."

- Marty Bell, in his book The Legend of Dr. J

"Pete and I were good friends. We went through training camp together. We had the ultimate respect for each other. We used to stay after practice and play 1-on-1. He showed me so much in terms of being a gym rat. He just lived in the gym. The game flowed and exuded from him. He was very impressed with my dexterity and jumping ability. He could jump pretty well; he was 6'5", it wasn't like he was a little guy. The stuff he used to do on the ground, I used to do in the air. We had a little pact in those exhibition games that we played. He always knew where I was, he had a great feel. He was the best playmaker that I played with or against. It was a special time."

- Julius Erving, from a 2011 interview with (Read the Full Interview on

"Erving's moves are beautiful and they don't disrupt the team. He utilizes most of his moves on fast breaks or semi-fast breaks, so they're not out of context. It's not like we set up half court, gave him the ball and he took off on his own."

- Jim Washington, Hawks forward, in a 1972 interview with Sports Illustrated's Peter Garry

"The most memorable part of it was just the raw talent on the court. Everyone just stopped what they were doing to watch. Great veteran players watching Maravich and Erving do their shtick. Together, they were unstoppable."

- Mike McKenzie, of the Atlanta Journal, in an interview for the book Maravich, by Wayne Federman and Marshall Terrill

"I liked Atlanta. I liked the team, I liked the city, I saw it as one that was growing, I had family there, I wanted to live there."

- Julius Erving, from an interview with the Phil Jasner of the Philadelphia Daily News in 1987

"Man, it was insane. Those two just played like they had been teammates forever. Pete was awesome. He was everything I had read about and more. He was 6-5 but could handle the ball and was quick, and could jump. People don't realize how high he could jump."

- David Thompson, future NBA legend who was in attendance at the Hawks final exhibition game with Julius Erving in the lineup,

from an interview for the book Maravich, by Wayne Federman and Marshall Terrill

"Julius came here and was a pleasure to work with. He was never a problem, ever. In years down the road when he came back to town, he always came by and said hello. He always remembered me and the guys on the team."

- Joe O'Toole, former Hawks Equipment Manager

"We had an All-Star team. I don’t know if anybody could have stopped us. It would have been different for everyone involved."

- Julius Erving, in a 2009 interview with Steve Hummer of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution



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