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COVID-19 Testing

Entering State Farm Arena with CLEAR Health Pass

The health and safety of our partners, players, performers, fans, and staff continues to be our top priority. Because State Farm Arena and the NBA are committed to providing a safe environment, we are requiring fans and employees to submit a health survey within 12 hours of tip off on gamedays. Guests who will be within 30 feet of the court must also provide a negative COVID19 test within 2 days of the game.

Using the CLEAR App, fans and employees can enroll and complete a real-time health screening with identity verification on a personal device, making the experience quick, safe and easy for everyone. All you need is a government issued ID to sign up!


How to Enroll a free Account *

How to Enroll a free Account *

* If you opened a previous account with CLEAR, use your previously set up email and password for a quicker and easier process.

  • Download the CLEAR App
  • Click Get Started on the blue Health Pass tile
  • Click the NBA button, select Atlanta Hawks and your seating section
  • Follow the prompt to enter your email address, ID, selfie and more (images below)
  • Set your password for future use
How to Enroll a free Account
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How to Complete the Health Pass on Game Day

How to Complete the Health Pass on Game Day

  • Open the CLEAR App and click on Health Pass.
  • Review the checklist.
  • Snap a selfie to confirm your identity.
  • Complete the brief health survey.
  • You’re done! Green means proceed. Red means ask for assistance.
Complete the Health Pass on Game Day
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the CLEAR account I use for the airport the same as the CLEAR Health Pass?
Yes. Please use your same login information as your current CLEAR account and do not enroll in a new account to avoid confusion.
What happens if I do not have a Green Health pass before the game?
If you get a red pass you cannot enter. If you accidently hit a wrong response, you can go to the CLEAR on-site location to resolve the issue.
What is the policy for minors?
As a legal guardian you can add one of your minors to your CLEAR account. Those 18+ must make their own account and anyone 17 years old and younger is considered a minor.
What is the policy on refunding a ticket if I must stay home for health concerns?
You can receive a ticket credit and/or refund by visiting the point of purchase.
Who needs to see my Health Pass?
Upon arrival to the arena doors and before proceeding to security screening, your health pass must be complete via CLEAR. Please have your Green pass ready to be displayed.
What if I cannot download CLEAR?
A secondary location will be available onsite to assist with any technical difficulties.
If I have a problem downloading the app prior to arrival, how do I contact CLEAR customer support?
Users can reach CLEAR customer support at:


For additional info, click here.

Still have questions? Contact CLEAR Member Care by opening the CLEAR app and tapping "Get in Touch" at the bottom of the home screen.



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