Atlanta Hawks 2015

True to Atlanta

Our city is uniquely situated at the epicenter of fashion, pop culture and Southern hip hop. That inventive spirit is evident in these innovative design concepts which mesh patterns, colors and unique combinations from the jerseys and shorts right down to the socks and laces.

5 Firsts

Unique patterns, bold colors and an innovative design. These are the elements of new uniforms whose pieces can be combined in ways never seen before. More than fabric, dye and thread, this new visual identity weaves together the story of our past, the present and our future.


The triangulated feather pattern is a foundational design element which draws inspiration from a hawk's breast. It is prominently integrated into the jersey as well as the short.


Another first is the introduction of an asymmetrical short which displays the feather pattern down one leg and team name down the other.

Bold Color

Volt Green and Georgia Granite Gray also mark NBA firsts. These, along with Torch Red form a bold and unique color palette.


This also marks the first time that socks, shoes and laces were built as part of the overall uniform kit - delivering a true head-to-toe design approach.

Mix & Match

The uniform kit also allows for the team to mix and match jerseys, shorts and socks.


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The Hawks' new look is an extension of the franchise's rich history of jerseys and logos. Take a look!


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