Behind the Grillz Scotty ATL

Scotty ATL

To launch its schedule for the 2022-23 season, the Atlanta Hawks collaborated with Grillz by Scotty to feature custom grillz for the Hawks and their opponents.In a special video on the team's social media channel, the Hawks showcased the artwork of Atlanta's own Scotty ATL. Scotty first opened his doors in 2018 and has made grillz for Issa Rae, T.I. and more.

Scotty ATL is from the east side of Atlanta. He started out rapping in high school and since then, he has been a part of on seven national tours. He was recently featured on Steve Harvey's show and made custom grillz for Issa Rae that she wore at the Emmys. Grillz by Scotty has two stores – one is in Decatur and the other is in Los Angeles. He has worked with Issa Rae, T.I., Big Boi, CeeLo Green, Lana Del Ray and Trinidad James.

Scotty sat down with to share more about himself and his business.


What was the inspiration behind starting Grillz by Scotty?

SCOTTY ATL: "I wanted to be able to support my music career. I had been doing music for a long time, and it became one of my motivations to be independent and for myself. I also just like teaching people about southern culture and about Atlanta specifically, and I like making people smile."

Who taught you how to make your first set of custom Grillz?

SCOTTY ATL: "A friend of mine by the name of Paul. He was the first person that really just taught me what to do. We would buy gold every day and make it and practice."

What goes into creating a set of custom Grillz?

SCOTTY ATL: "I normally mold people up. I get the design from them, or I come up with the design – which more times than not is the more difficult of the process. And then from there, I cement it, put wax on it, put it in the oven, turn the wax into gold. And I deliver a product to the customer that about 95% of the time fits correctly."

What do advice do you want to share about the online world?

SCOTTY ATL: "I feel like as long as you do good work and people like you, it's going to happen for you. I use the method 'one person at a time.' And not shoot for the whole world. I shoot for one grill at a time and that's my way of taking over the world."

What is your favorite set of Grillz that you've ever made?

SCOTTY ATL: "For the Hawks!"

Tell us more… What did it mean to you to collaborate with the Hawks?

SCOTTY ATL: "It means the world to me. Obviously, I have been a fan of the Hawks since Dominique. I can't even think of a greater way to be stamped in the city of Atlanta. For you to get the support fromyour own city, but for the official National Basketball team of the city to say "this is the person we are rolling with, who we support and rocking with" just means a whole lot. On a lot of levels, I feel like it solidifies my company as being official to my city and to the world."

What does being 'True to Atlanta' mean to you?

SCOTTY ATL: "Being 'True To Atlanta' means to me that no matter what goes on, up or down, win or loss, I still have the same love for the city. I still represent the city every day and everywhere I go. That's being True To Atlanta."

How do you see Grillz by Scotty growing in the future?

SCOTTY ATL: "I see Grillz by Scotty being in places where people may never expect it. Maybe one day it will be in the Hawks' arena and people will be able to get molded up. But all over the country, outside of the country. Just being able to do grillz for the most exciting people that God has created."