Hawks Taking Part In Ice Bucket Challenge

Several current and former Hawks players, executives and even mascots have accepted the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge over the past few weeks.  You can see all of them individually above, but I thought I'd provide a recap of each anyway.  Some are more hilarious than others, but all are very good.

The Atlanta Hawks' majority owner got in on the action, completing the challenge while on a trampoline in Colorado.

Coach Bud accepted the Ice Bucket Challenge from Al Horford.

Muscala accepted the challenge from a few people, and among the folks he challenged was Imagine Dragons drummer and Hawks superfan Dan Platzman.

Teague's Ice Bucket Challenge involved everything you could possibly want...except the ice.  Watch for a Bill Clinton reference.

I'm not sure why you'd want to lean back while having ice water dumped all over you.  Millsap tried that, then quickly sat back up.

A 15-second Instagram video isn't enough to capture the reaction of being drenched with ice cold water, so Schröder documented the feat with two videos.  The second is the more entertaining of the two, and his reaction is priceless.

By far the most painful-looking of the bunch to date.  Adreian...why did you think it would be a good idea to have ice fall on your hairless head from two stories above?  At least it didn't end like this.

When the commissioner challenges you, you have to accept.  Mutombo seemed to be the most unprepared for how cold the water was, judging by his reaction.

The Hawks CEO stepped up and accepted Ryan Cameron's challenge.  Is that a stove pot with ice from the freezer?  Whatever works!  Another must-see reaction.

Harry was first in the Hawks family to accept after being challenged by University of Florida mascot Albert the Gator.  Next time we'll tell him to cool it on the caffeine.

Story by Jaryd Wilson