Hawks Draft Grades From Around The Web

The 2014 NBA draft is over, so how did we do?

Media members and experts from around the Internet weigh in with their draft grades:

Yahoo's Kelly Dwyer loved the Adreian Payne pick.  As he pointed out, Payne will fit perfectly into Coach Bud's system as a big man who can spread the floor.

Assuming Payne can step in and fill a frontcourt role player position immediately, Zach Harper will have nailed it with this perfect grade.

The only thing keeping Adam Fromal from giving Atlanta an A here was the need for a wing player.  Getting it with Lamar Patterson late in the second round earned high praise.

The only knock on Payne (the only player analyzed in this report) is his age. Somewhat ridiculous that we mark a player down for graduating, but it makes sense considering the opportunity younger players have to develop.

They liked the Payne pick, but they're worried about Tavares, calling his pick a bit of a risk because it's all upside. Time will tell.

Chad Ford, like many others, sees nothing wrong with any of the picks.  He thinks Edy Tavares will stay overseas, but if he develops and can come over eventually, this grade may end up being low.

USA Today's Adi Joseph didn't dislike any of the picks but said he wanted to see the Hawks fill a need on the wing before adding to the frontcourt.

A bonus for Adreian Payne's outfit, which was deemed as one of Sports Illustrated's wins of the night.