Grade The Trade: Hawks Earn High Marks

ESPN Trade Machine

In case you missed it, we pulled off a trade with the Charlotte Hornets on Tuesday afternoon, acquiring a Wednesday tweet, a future unprotected tweet and the right to swap 2018 Draft tweets in exchange for Tuesday's tweet, a Snap with a puppy filter and a second round Instagram post.

You can see the full negotiation details below, as well as how the writers graded the trades:


No one develops tweets quite like the Hawks, and they were able to acquire more of those assets at a bargain price while avoiding protections.  The Hollinger Analysis speaks for itself.  - Mark Stine  A+

The negotiations were interesting here, but Atlanta managed to avoid giving up anything meaningful.  Yes, you always want to have that second round Instagram post as insurance, but the tweet swap in 2018 could prove huge, and they have a well-rounded library of Snapchat filters to replace the puppy. - Sekuo Smithe

CBS Sports:  A-

Charlotte gets the more well-rounded bundle of assets, but the Hawks want to win now.  Considering the negotiation platform, this was a brilliant move from Atlanta. - Mat Moor

Yahoo Sports:  A

While we can't full grade this deal until we know what the future tweet and the 2018 tweet swap turn out to be, we can say that the Hawks have given themselves flexibility at very little cost.  Are they done making deals? - Daniel Divene