Five Things to Know About Kent Bazemore's 2018-19 Season

Kent Bazemore
Layne Murdoch/NBAE/Getty Images
Story by KL Chouinard
Twitter: @KLChouinard
1) Kent had the best hustle play of the season ... to no one's surprise.
When a veteran player does this kind of stuff in front of a team full of young up-and-comers, it's not hard to picture the head coach's heart growing warm with delight. 
2) Kent was one of four Hawks to score 30 or more points in a game this season. 
Trae Young, Alex Len and John Collins also achieved the feat. 
Bazemore's career-high coming into the season was 29 points. Bazemore scored a career-high 32 points against Dallas on Oct. 24 and matched that total with another 32 against the Pacers on Dec. 26. 
3) Kent thrived in all sorts of roles over the course of the season.
Bazemore started the first 19 games of the season before graciously returning to a role that primarily saw him play from the bench. In his first game returning to a substitute role, Bazemore made 9 of 11 shots and scored 20 points in a one-point win over Charlotte that ended with Bazemore hitting the eventual game-winning shot. 
4) Kent finished second on the Hawks in steals and third in blocks. 
Bazemore took 89 steals from opponents in 2018-19, and, despite standing just 6-foot-5, he finished third on the Hawks with 42 blocks. Baze's blocks deserved whatever superlatives anyone wanted to apply to them. 

5) Kent, in his own words, on the Hawks' team chemistry:


"We definitely had a lot of fun. Never really a dull moment, even when we started the season the way we did. I thought the practices, the energy in here – if you got a chance to watch us – was solid. With the season being so long, we maybe had a day or two where the energy wasn’t great, but for the most part we really enjoyed each other. We're waiting for what we have off the court to translate over to the floor, but it always works that way. It’s always a little grace period taking your off-court chemistry onto the court. I think we did a fabulous job staying with one another all year with guys being ready and filling in when needed."


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