Trae and Bogdan Pushed Each Other Into the Playoff Picture

Story by KL Chouinard (@KLChouinard)

Bogdanovic has been on a tear since April 1: 22.0 points per game while shooting 50.6 percent from the field and 49.5 percent from three. In the same span of six weeks, he leads the Eastern Conference in total threes made: 101. Improved connectivity between Trae, an unbelievable passer, and Bogdanovic, a stone-cold shooter, has been a huge factor. 

If Trae now senses precisely where Bogdanovic is on the court at all times, it still may not always be a good thing. Against Portland last week, Trae fielded an outlet pass in the backcourt and intuited that Bogdanovic would cut to an open corner in the frontcourt. 

"He knows I'm going to be open there, so he passed it ahead," Bogdanovic said. "He passed it like a second early. I don't mind."