Hawks 2008 All-Star Quiz

Hawks and the All-Star Game Quiz
By Jon Cooper

Over the years, the Hawks franchise has had its share of memorable moments at
NBA All-Star Weekend.

The 57th All-Star Weekend, convening in New Orleans this weekend, should be no
exception. Atlanta will be proudly represented by Joe Johnson, making his second
consecutive appearance for the Hawks, and by rookie Al Horford, who will
participate in the T-Mobile Rookie Challenge.

See how well you represent on this quiz of the franchise's history at the NBA
All-Star Game.

1. Who holds the Atlanta record for most NBA All-Star Game appearances?
Dominique Wilkins
b. Dikembe Mutombo
c. Lou Hudson
d. Lenny Wilkens

2. Prior to Joe Johnson, who was the last Atlanta Hawk to go to back-to-back
NBA All-Star Games?
Dikembe Mutombo
b. Steve Smith
c. Dominique Wilkins
d. Mookie Blaylock

3. Who was the last Hawks coach to coach in the NBA All-Star Game?
Mike Fratello
b. Lenny Wilkens
c. Hubie Brown
d. Harry Gallatin

4. Who is the only Hawk to win MVP of the All-Star Game?
Dominique Wilkins
b. Lou Hudson
c. Bob Pettit
d. Lenny Wilkens

5. Which Hawk holds the record for most rebounds in an All-Star Game?
Dominique Wilkins
b. Moses Malone
c. Bob Pettit
d. Dikembe Mutombo

6. True or False: The Hawks have won twice as many slam-dunk championships
than any other NBA team.

7. Who was the first Atlanta Hawk to appear in an NBA Rookie Challenge?
Al Horford
b. Josh Smith
c. Jason Terry
d. Alan Henderson

8. Who was the Rookie Team Assistant Coach at the 2003 All-Star Game held at
Philips Arena?
Cotton Fitzsimmons
b. Lou Hudson
c. Mike Fratello
d. Bob Pettit

9. Which pair of Hawks teammates went to the most consecutive All-Star Games
Bob Pettit and Cliff Hagan
b. Bob Pettit and Lenny Wilkens
c. Lou Hudson and Pete Maravich
d. Dan Roundfield and Eddie Johnson

10. Joe Johnson's selection last season ended a four-year All-Star Weekend
drought for the Hawks. Who was the last Hawk to play in the NBA All-Star Game
prior to Johnson?
Jason Terry
b. Shareef Abdur-Rahim
c. Toiny Kukoc
d. Alan Henderson

Bonus: Which current NBA coach represented the Hawks at the All-Star Game
during his playing career?
Doc Rivers
b. Randy Wittman
c. Maurice Cheeks
d. Reggie Theus

1. a. Dominique went to nine straight All-Star Games (1986-94), leaving
him two off the franchise record, set by Bob Pettit (1955-65). Lenny Wilkens has
six appearances (five as a player and one as a coach), but only his 1994
appearance as a coach came after the Hawks moved to Atlanta. Lou Hudson had
five, including the Hawks initial season in Atlanta, while Dikembe Mutombo had
four; 2. a. Mutombo made the Eastern Conference All-Star team two
straight years in 2000 and 2001, in addition to making it in 1997 and 1998;
3. b.
Lenny coached the East to a 127-118 victory in the 1994 All-Star Game;
4. c. The Hall-of-Fame forward was a four-time NBA All-Star Game MVP;
5. c.
Pettit holds the top-two All-Star Game rebounding performances,
pulling down 27 in 1961 and 26 in 1957; 6. True. Atlanta has four titles
-- two by Dominique (1985, 1990), and one each by Spud Webb ('86) and Josh Smith
(2005). No other franchise has more than two; 7. d. Henderson played 19
minutes, scoring 11 points on 5-for-8 shooting, and pulling down three rebounds
in the 1996 game at San Antonio. Jason Terry (2001), and Smith ('05) also played
in past games. Horford will participate this year; 8. b. "Sweet Lou"
assisted Fitzsimmons as coach of the Rookies, who lost, 132-112, to Fratello's
sophomore squad, upon which Pettit was an assistant; 9. a. Pettit and
Hagan went to five consecutive All-Star Games together (1958-62). Pettit and
Wilkens went to three straight ('63-'65), while Hudson and Maravich ('73, '74)
and Roundfield and Johnson ('80, '81) went to consecutive games; 10. b.
Shareef scored nine points on perfect 4-for-4 shooting from the field, and
1-for-1 from three in 21 minutes at the 2002 All-Star Game. The East lost,
135-120, at the First Union Center in Philadelphia; Bonus: "Doc" represented the
Hawks in 1988, with Dominique Wilkins and coach Mike Fratello. While Cheeks was
a four-time All-Star, and Theus played two All-Star Games, neither did it in
their time in Atlanta.

9 or more: Congratulations. You're starting for the Hawks.com All-Stars.
6-8: Your star is rising and Hawks.com wants you as a reserve.
3-5: You're not quite All-Star material, but stay on Hawks.com and you
have a shot in the near future.
2 or less: Even voting early and often won't make you an All-Star. You
need extensive time on Hawks.com.

Jon Cooper is a freelance writer based in Atlanta


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