How Lost-n-Found Youth is Dedicated To Ending Homelessness for LGBT Youth

Good Neighbor Spotlight
Atlanta Hawks

In honor of PRIDE Night presented by State Farm & the Good Neighbor Spotlight, the Atlanta Hawks are spotlighting Lost-n-Found Youth, a local non-profit dedicated to ending homelessness for LGBT Youth. We spoke with Nasheedah Bynes-Muhammad, the Executive Director of Lost-n-Found Youth on how they give back to the LGBT community.

Q: Tell us about Lost-n-Found Youth.

A: LNFY is the regions only organization dedicated to ending homelessness for LGBT Youth. We are dedicated to doing this through the provision of safe spaces to live transitionally for LGBT youth planning their growth towards independence. Presently we operate one transitional house for 6 youth, an emergency shelter with 20 beds, and a drop-in center. 

Q: How was Lost-n-Found Youth started?

A: LNFY was started in 2011 as a “Host Homes” program, like a free and safe air bnb. We grew rapidly and added our first house later that year. Since then we have not only built our capacity and housing program we have also worked closely with other area housing providers to ensure that LBGT youth are safe wherever they get help. 

Q: Why is it important for organizations like State Farm and the Atlanta Hawks to support this mission?

A: Because we can do this. Our mission sounds grand but we really do have the resources here in Atlanta to end homelessness. With the volunteer and financial support that we get from organizations like State farm and the Alanta Hawks as well as private individuals, we will make it happen sooner than later. 

Q: How has the pandemic impacted the mission of Lost-n-Found Youth?

A: The pandemic changed everything. We were used to hugging and handshaking and making our clients feel welcomed. Its harder to show empathy when you can’t touch someone who is so used to the world shrinking away from their touch. We had to create social distance for a population of folks who have already been distanced from so much of society. But keep them safe remains our top priority and we have found creative ways to do our job. 

Q: What are ways you can get involved and support the Lost-n-Found Youth mission?

A: Visit our website, follow us on social media (like , share, comment), donate your birthday to LNFY on facebook, donate you gently used items to the thrift store, shop at the thrift store, bring the kids a meal at the youth center and finally donate, donate, donate! It takes an enormous amount of resources to do this work and whatever you give is going to help, no amount is too small, or too big (smile). 

You can learn more about Lost-n-Found Youth by visiting their website:


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