Hawks, Michelob ULTRA Partner With Dubelyoo for Atlanta Mural

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This past season, Michelob ULTRA and the Hawks teamed up with local Atlanta Artist Dubelyoo. Dubelyoo completed a mural on the side of Hudson Grille next to State Farm Arena. Michelob ULTRA gave Dubelyoo free range for the mural fitting the theme of “celebrating joy.” And Dub did just that. With a few Dub signatures and Easter eggs, he spread joy through the city of Atlanta. Dubelyoo talked with Hawks.com’s Annie Finberg about his completed Mural.


Tell me a bit about yourself:

My name is Dwayne Wright, most people know me as Dubelyoo. I started off doing illustrations and design, over time I moved into during murals and other projects. I started out doing a lot of urban hip-hop themed illustrations and that stuff is still in my work today (as you can see with my boomboxes). I’m the curator of art beats and lyrics which is a traveling art exhibition.


You were chosen to create this mural with Michelob ULTRA using the theme “celebrating joy,” what did that mean to you? 

It was a process. When you come up with a concept for a mural or any illustration, you want to put things out there and you see which ones resonate with the client and you modify. The boombox idea was just having these cool robots which are radios. The idea is they’re these robots from space landing on this planet. You get a chance to put a lot of easter eggs in there, like the reference to ATLien’s, the Hawks logo is on a flag being planted onto this new frontier.


How did you come up with the boombox:

The main boombox is based on a transformer. Boomboxes are something reoccurs in my work, but also its something that is just fun. And that was the main goal, to create something that is fun and joyful, that when you see it, it just makes you feel happy.  The idea of having an alien and robot and toys and all that are just joyful things (in my opinion) and hopefully the people that come across it will get that feeling.


Explain to us the “easter eggs” in your mural:

When I’m putting a piece together, I want to throw some easter eggs in there. If you look at the piece, he has a four-finger ringer which is tied to Spike Lee’s “Do The Right Thing” character Radio Raheem, which ties back into the radio. There’s a lot of little hip-hop/cultural things I put in there. There are little things all throughout the piece that people that are into hip-hop culture will pick up on. You’re communicating on one level of the feeling of joy, it’s colorful, it’s fun. But then when you get past it, there’s a lot of things under the surface that are pretty fun and cool too.


Is there anything in the mural that related to Atlanta Basketball?

I really wanted to make it seem like they’re landing on the moon, and almost putting their stamp right there on the planet, claiming it. This is their territory.


What did it mean to you to be selected for this mural?

This was great. This was my second mural I’ve done for the Hawks. I have to say, I really enjoyed doing this one. When you’re doing a mural in the area that’s pretty busy, you get a chance to be a part of the community, to meet people, and talk to people, and explain to them what you’re doing. You get to know the people, and they come back to check on you.


What do you hope that this mural says about you and your legacy as an artist?

Even though this style of illustration is part of what I do, not necessarily what I’m known for. I hope people see the connection to what I normally do to what’s up there on the wall. It still fits right in with everything else I’m about and everything else I’ve done in the past.


How can people connect with you or see your work?

My Instagram is @Dubelyoo & my website is https://dubelyoo.net/


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