Jaylen Adams Goes to Work During Summer League

Take a look at our favorite Jaylen Adams highlights from NBA Summer League.

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Jaylen Adams Goes to Work During Summer League

Take a look at our favorite Jaylen Adams highlights from NBA Summer League.
Jul 22, 2018  |  00:53

Hawks Space the Floor During Summer League

Take a look at our favorite three-pointers from Summer League.
Jul 21, 2018  |  00:55

Dorsey Shows Off Skill Set at NBA Summer League

Tyler Dorsey showed his improvement from his rookie season at Summer League. He finished with 19.5 PPG and 11 RPG.
Jul 20, 2018  |  00:57

The Rookie Proved a Point in First Summer League

Trae Young made sure to prove a point in his first summer league. He didn't disappoint. Check out his highlights!
Jul 19, 2018  |  01:01

Collins Dominates in Year Two of NBA Summer League

Rookie no more, John Collins showed off all his improvement this year at Summer League. Check out some of his top plays.
Jul 18, 2018  |  01:14

Hawks Hold Dunk Fest During Summer League

Watch some of our favorite throw-downs from NBA Summer League.
Jul 17, 2018  |  01:18

Suites and Fan Zone Prepare for Flare of Transformation

On this transformation Tuesday, we take a look at Philips Arena's suites and fan zone.
Jul 17, 2018  |  00:30

Rookie Kevin Huerter Wanted Buckets in a Game of Pop-A-Shot

We were able to catch up with rookie Kevin Huerter during the Summer League in his healing process and getting back on the floor in a game of Pop-A-Shot!
Jul 16, 2018  |  01:15

Top Plays from the 2018 Summer League

Take a look back at Summer League and the plays that made you want a replay!
Jul 16, 2018  |  01:22

The Next Generation Has Arrived

Join our Members Club! Visit at
Jul 16, 2018  |  00:15

Trae Young on Coach Pierce Guarding Him in Pre-Draft Workouts

Trae Young talks details into Coach Pierce guarding him in his one-on-one workout before the draft! Video credits: ESPN
Jul 15, 2018  |  00:37

Junior Robinson Steals The Show In Final Summer League Game

Standing at only 5'5'' Junior Robinson took over in the final game of Vegas Summer League. He finished the night with 20 points.
Jul 14, 2018  |  00:52

A New Leader: John Collins Mic'd Up

John Collins emerges as a leader as he's mic'd up during NBA Summer League.
Jul 13, 2018  |  02:45

Omari Spellman Has An Impressive Showing

Omari Spellman had an impressive showing with 20 points and five rebounds, following the loss against the Trail Blazers.
Jul 13, 2018  |  00:51

Tyler Dorsey Propels Hawks to Comeback Victory

Tyler Dorsey scored a game-high 24 points in a hawks 27-point comeback win.
Jul 11, 2018  |  00:55

Trae Young Hosts Passing Exhibition in Win

Trae Young dished out eight assists as Hawks rally for comeback win.
Jul 11, 2018  |  00:47

Trae Young Catches Fire Against Bulls

Trae Young scored 24 points with seven made three-pointers against the Chicago Bulls
Jul 10, 2018  |  01:06

Transformation Tuesday: Upper Concourse Walk-Through

We take an upper-concourse walk through on this Transformation Tuesday.
Jul 10, 2018  |  00:30

John Collins Continues to Impress and Lead

John Collins is having yet another great Summer League for himself!
Jul 8, 2018  |  00:47

Hawks Find Rhythm - Knock Down 12 Three-Pointers

Hawks get into a groove and knock down 12 three-pointers against the Knicks.
Jul 7, 2018  |  01:29

John Collins Shows Out in Summer League Opener

John Collins scored 30 points in our Summer League opener against the New York Knicks.
Jul 7, 2018  |  00:59

Fans Rally At Hawks Member Draft Viewing Party

The Atlanta Hawks partnered with Kumho Tire to host a Members Draft Viewing Party.
Jul 6, 2018  |  00:23

The Numbers Behind The Transformation

Take a time-lapsed view of Philips Arena's transformation and the numbers involved throughout the process (presented by Floor & Decor).
Jul 6, 2018  |  00:30

Hawks Fight Hard In Final Game In Utah

Impressive plays by the Hawks just fall short to the Jazz in a hard-fought game.
Jul 5, 2018  |  00:51

Feel The Passion: Coach Pierce Mic'd Up

Hear the sounds from Coach Pierce as he's mic'd up for practice.
Jul 5, 2018  |  00:57

Collins Impresses in Game Two of Utah Summer League

Finishing with 19 points and 7 boards, there was no shortage of energy from John Collins on Tuesday night.
Jul 3, 2018  |  01:03

Rookies Talk Summer League

Rookies Trae Young, Kevin Huerter and Omari Spellman talk NBA Summer League.
Jul 3, 2018  |  00:32

Drone Provides Insightful Look Into Philips Arena Tranformation

On this Transformation Tuesday, we use a drone to take a birds-eye view of Philips Arena.
Jul 3, 2018  |  00:31

The Rookies Are Ready To Compete

Our rookies talk summer league and what they are looking forward to gaining from their first summer in the NBA!
Jul 3, 2018  |  00:32

Highlights from Game One of Summer League Play

Check out the highlights from game one of summer league play!
Jul 2, 2018  |  00:54