Grit & Grind Evolved

Statement Edition

Our updated Statement Edition unis will continue to showcase our Beale Street Blue as its base color along with our iconic inline type and blue collars, representative of Memphis entertainment and culture.

The once pronounced curvatures down the uniform sides have been streamlined along with the Association & Icon Edition uniforms to capture the new cut and performance tailoring offered by Nike. The Grizzlies’ Gold accent piping previously within the uniform sides have been thickened to provide a stronger color contrast and extended to further emphasize the Nike silhouette. That same color contrast has been carried through the Grizzlies Bear Head icon, showcased on the uniforms’ belt line.


Classic, clean and cool.

As the NBA reimagined the league’s uniform and on-court outfitting relationship, our uniform evolution began with the assistance of Nike. Our journey starts today with the launch of our Association and Icon edition uniforms.

These unis combine our classic style, representing the soul of our city and heart of our team, cleaned up and integrated seamlessly with Nike’s innovative high-performance design as part of the evolution of our brand.



Our unis will continue to feature our iconic inline type representing the vibrancy of Beale St. neon signs in the names across their chests. The curvature and stripes running down the uniform sides have been streamlined and cleaned up to capture the new cut and performance tailoring offered by Nike. By doing so, the Grizzlies Bear Head icon, previously on the lower leg of the short, will be showcased on the uniforms’ belt lines in a more front and center capacity.

On our Association Edition (white-based uniform), the shoulder trim around the arms was changed to match the white uniform base, and the Grizzlies gold triangle was removed from the neckline in an effort to draw more attention to one of our core brand attributes — our blue collars.


The new uniforms feature Nike’s signature high performance technology. Notable enhancements include changes to the weight and fit, as well as construction with special attention to enabling agility.

100% Recycled Fabric

The uniform is comprised of a combination of Alpha Yarns and recycled polyester (each athlete uniform represents approximately 20 recycled PET bottles). The fabric removes moisture 30% more quickly than previous NBA uniforms. LEARN MORE.

1. Performance Tailoring

Scapula-shaped motion shoulder seam for increased mobility.

2. Modern Construction

Zero distraction seams and hems to alleviate irritation and restriction.

3. Lightweight Engineering

Standoff mesh to ensure low moisture cling and maximum airflow.

4. Modified Hemlines

Improves range of motion for the lower body while incorporating the classic Grizzlies flare design.

Behind the Scenes at the Nike Photoshoot


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Coming Fall 2017

Complementing the Association and Icon uniform editions, two more uniform editions (Statement & City) will be revealed in the coming months along with an all-new on-court collection, including tights, socks, and more.

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