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Round 1, Game 2: Coach Fizdale & Mike Conley postgame

David Fizdale and Mike Conley address media after a game 2 loss to the Spurs.

MEMvSAS playlist 4/17/17

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Round 1, Game 2: Coach Fizdale & Mike Conley postgame

David Fizdale and Mike Conley address media after a game 2 loss to the Spurs.
Apr 19, 2017  |  02:31

Carter Speaks Postgame

Vince Carter speaks on tonight's controversial loss to the Spurs.
Apr 18, 2017  |  02:55

Conley scores team-high 24 points in game 2

Mike Conley drops 24 in game 2 against the Spurs in San Antonio.
Apr 18, 2017  |  01:10

Round 1, Game 2: MEM@SAS highlights

Catch the highlights from the Grizzlies 82-96 loss to the San Antonio Spurs.
Apr 18, 2017  |  01:36

Highlights: Zach Randolph

Zach Randolph posts a double-double off the bench for the Grizzlies with 18 points and 10 rebounds.
Apr 18, 2017  |  01:19

Conley hustles and scores

Mike Conley's active hands creates a Grizzlies fast break.
Apr 17, 2017  |  00:08

Conley drains 3 behind screen

Mike Conley comes off a screen and knocks down a deep 3 to cut into the lead.
Apr 17, 2017  |  00:10

Gasol to the hoop and-1

Marc Gasol drives to the hoop draws the foul and rains the free throw.
Apr 17, 2017  |  00:11

Green knocks down deep 3

Harrison and Green connect on a three to cut the Spurs lead in the 3rd quarter.
Apr 17, 2017  |  00:07

Gasol shows off footwork in the paint

Marc Gasol dances in the paint with multiple Spurs defenders.
Apr 17, 2017  |  00:10

Conley pulls the trigger from deep

Mike Conley notices the Spurs let up on defense and shoots the ball from downtown.
Apr 17, 2017  |  00:11

Randolph sizes up Pau

Zach Randolph goes 1 on 1 with Pau Gasol and gets the bucket.
Apr 17, 2017  |  00:08

4.17.17 JaMychal Green media availability

JaMychal Green is grateful the Spurs gave him a shot to start his NBA career three years ago in their development system. Now, he wants to thank them with a Grizzlies' win in Game 2.
Apr 17, 2017  |  01:20

4.17.17 Marc Gasol media availability

Marc Gasol explains how he can help Memphis build on his playoff career-high 32-point effort from the series opener when the Grizzlies face the Spurs in Game 2 Monday night.
Apr 17, 2017  |  01:38

Round 1 Day 3 Extended Cut

Take a look behind the scenes as the Grizzlies prepare for Game 2 in San Antonio.
Apr 16, 2017  |  00:54

4.16.17 Mike Conley media availability

Grizzlies guard Mike Conley said he couldn't sleep after the Game 1 blowout loss to the Spurs, but is determined to regroup in Game 2 Monday.
Apr 16, 2017  |  01:40

4.16.17 Andrew Harrison media availability

"It's a different atmosphere. You felt it ... every play is intensified and you feel the pressure." - Grizzlies rookie guard Andrew Harrison on playing in the postseason.
Apr 16, 2017  |  02:07

4.16.17 Zach Randolph media availability

Zach Randolph said one of the adjustments from Sunday's practice involved limiting mistakes that allowed the Spurs to score 20 points of Grizzlies' turnovers in Game 1.
Apr 16, 2017  |  02:01

Fizz Report: MEMvSAS Game 2

Coach Fizdale talks about adjustments after Game 1 and preparations for Game 2 on Monday as part of the Fizz Report presented by Mountain Dew.
Apr 16, 2017  |  02:04

Grizzlies drop game 2 in San Antonio, 82-96

The Memphis Grizzlies fell to the San Antonio Spurs 96-82 at AT&T Center Monday night and now face a 2-0 deficit in the Western Conference first round.

The Spurs led by as many as 26 points. However, with 57.4 seconds left in the third period, Memphis went on an 11-0 run over the next 2:49 to bring the score within four. The Spurs would then go on a 13-4 run over the next 5:12 to extend the lead to 88-75. San Antonio would lead the rest of the way.

Mike Conley led the Grizzlies with 24 points and a game-high eight assists. Posting 18 points and 10 rebounds, Zach Randolph recorded his 30th postseason double-double, the seventh-most among active players in the league.

Kawhi Leonard also recorded a double-double with a career postseason high 37 points and 11 rebounds.

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Team Quotes

On what he saw in the unit that started the second half…
Desperation. Just trying to get something going, trying to create a spark on our team, it worked. I was really just proud of the all-out raw competition that our team brought to the game. I don’t think anybody watching this game could say we were out-competed in the second half. I just thought we brought an incredible, ferocious effort in that second half. Obviously it wasn’t enough.
-- Coach Fizdale
On the officiating…
It’s unfortunate that I have a guy like Mike Conley who in his whole career has zero technical fouls and just cannot seem to get the proper respect from the officials that he deserves. It was a poorly officiated basketball game. Zach Randolph, the most rugged guy in the game had zero free throws yet somehow Kawhi Leonard had 19 free throws. First half, we shot 19 shots in the paint and we had six free throws. They shot 11 times in the paint and had 23 free throws. I’m not a numbers guy, but that doesn’t seem to add up. Overall, 35 times we shot the ball in the paint, we had 15 free throws in the game. They shot 18 times in the paint and had 32 free throws. Kawhi shot more free throws than our whole team. Explain it to me. We don’t get the respect these guys deserve because Mike Conley doesn’t go crazy, he has class, and he just plays the game. But I’m not going to let them treat us this way. I know Pop has pedigree and I’m a young rookie, but they’re not going to rook us. That’s unacceptable; that’s unprofessional. My guys dug into that game and earned the right to be in that game and they did not even give us a chance. Take that for data.
-- Coach Fizdale
On cutting the 26-point deficit in the second half…
We just stepped up our level of intensity. I thought James Ennis was unbelievable for us for bringing his energy and his effort on both ends of the floor. I thought we were more in sync in the second half as far as just moving the ball being on the same page defensively. I think when you play a team like the Spurs, you have to communicate, you have to all be on the same page for 48 minutes and I think we did a better job of that in the second half. It gave us a chance to get ourselves back in the game. It gave us a chance to win the game.
-- Vince Carter
On the team’s second half play…
That was the way that they were playing in the first half. We took it up another level in the second half defensively and physically, which is what we need to do from the beginning.
-- Mike Conley
On if the team will take momentum into Game 3 from their second half play…
Yeah, I think that second half showed our team just how hard we need to play and what we need to see ourselves as. To beat a team like the Spurs, you have to play consistent basketball like that for four quarters, and we haven’t done that. We’ve played two good halves on the road. We need a full game, and that second half tonight was promising.
-- Mike Conley
On the effect Coach Fizdale’s passion has on the team…
Coach believes in us. I think that’s why he was so upset tonight. He believes that this team can do a lot of great things. When we play as hard as we did tonight emotions are going to be high, and whether there’s questionable calls or not, he’s in the game. Mentally, he’s going to push us. He’s going to show how much he cares about winning whether it’s yelling at the ref or yelling at us on the bench. He gives us confidence in that way.
-- Mike Conley

Player Notes

  • Mike Conley led the Grizzlies with 24 points and a game-high eight assists.
  • Posting 18 points and 10 rebounds, Zach Randolph recorded his 30th postseason double-double, the seventh-most among active players in the league.
  • Marc Gasol(12) and Vince Carter(12) both scored in double figures.