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Memphis Grizzlies statements on Niele Ivey

by Memphis Grizzlies

Memphis Grizzlies Head Coach Taylor Jenkins and Grizzlies Executive Vice President of Basketball Operations Zachary Z. Kleiman today released the following statements regarding Niele Ivey being named head coach of the women’s basketball program at the University of Notre Dame:

I’m so excited for Niele and this wonderful opportunity to return to her alma mater, where she spent so many years as a player and as a coach. In her first year with the Memphis Grizzlies, Niele made a lasting impact on the floor, but even more so off the floor through her relationships with the players, fellow coaches and staff, including the relationship we built coach-to-coach. Niele is going to make a huge impact in the lives of the women who come through the Notre Dame program, both as players and people, because that’s who she is – a difference maker in so many respects.
Taylor Jenkins
This is an extraordinary opportunity for Niele and we are thrilled for her continued success. She is an outstanding coach and will, without question, thrive in her return to the Notre Dame women’s basketball team. We take pride in cultivating a dynamic, diverse group of basketball minds here in Memphis, and we benefitted meaningfully from Niele’s contributions. We wish her all the best.
Zachary Z. Kleiman

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