Gametime: Round 1, Game 1 vs. Clippers


Round 1, Game 1Final: Grizzlies 98 Clippers 99 - April 29, 2012


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Key Stat of the Night

Memphis missed 12 consecutive shots in the fourth quarter, as Los Angeles outscored the Grizzlies 35-13 in the fourth quarter, overcoming a 27-point deficit.

Key Run of the Night

After an O.J. Mayo three-pointer pushed Memphis’ lead to 24 points (95-71) with 9:13 remaining in the game, Los Angeles closed the game on a 28-3 run.

Player Notes

  • Rudy Gay led Memphis with 19 points in his NBA playoff debut.
  • Mike Conley scored 17 points and made all five of his three-point attempts, tying Mike Miller’s single-game franchise playoff record and becoming the first Grizzlies player to make five treys in a playoff game without a miss.

Rudy Gay scored 19 points and pulled down seven rebounds but the Grizzlies lost 99-98 at home in Game 1 on Sunday night. Mike Conley and O.J. Mayo recorded 17 points apiece and Marc Gasol added 14 points for the Grizzlies in the loss.

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They said...

Coach Hollins

On the game:

“We scored 13 points and gave up 35. We turned the ball over and then we didn’t get back. We had only 12 turnovers but in the fourth quarter every time we made one they ran back on us. It was huge. We didn’t execute very well. We didn’t defend very well. We didn’t transition defense very well. The Clips (Clippers) have to be given credit they got a little more pressure and started forcing us out. Reggie Evans did an outstanding job on Zach (Randolph) in the fourth quarter. He was banging him pretty good. He kept him from getting were he wanted, and when he did get it he crowded him and took that away. We had some opportunities, we missed some layups. We missed some wide open shots that we would normally make. They drew first blood. I told our guys in order to win championships you have to win on the road; you can’t count on just winning at home. It was a good experience for us. I’m disappointed that we lost but there’s a lot of basketball left to be played and it’s going to be a good series. I told you before in the pregame conference it’s going to be a very interesting, tough, competitive series. We did enough things to win early but we didn’t do enough things to win down the stretch.”

On the team:

“We defended and we rebounded. We got gave up offensive rebounds off of free throws. We gave another one to Reggie Evans and then a big one to(Eric) Bledsoe. We were losing our men, over committing. We just got careless. We just lost a little bit of our discipline from a defensive perspective, but offensively we started just walking up and trying to throw the ball in the post instead of running it in. We ran earlier, we attacked. We were in transition earlier, we just stopped doing that and got conservative and it cost us.”

On the last possession:

“That’s what Rudy(Gay) decided to do. He was good to go whenever. The bad thing was before that when Rudy scored and we were ahead and we fouled Chris Paul after he picked up his dribble. The play before that when we were ahead Reggie Evans drives and gets a chance to go to the basket. We don’t foul him and then he laid it up. We gave up a couple of three-point plays and just a lot of little things. It’s the little things that cost you in games like this and playoff games aren’t meant to be blowouts. Sometimes they are, but when you have two-evenly matched teams you can expect that both teams are going to be in the game at the end. The Clippers got back to win the game. We just didn’t make enough plays and they did.”

O.J. Mayo

On the game:

“We gave it away. At the same time, they won. They first three quarters, we definitely had under control. The fourth quarter, we got way too relaxed and casual. I had three turnovers in the fourth quarter. We definitely can’t have that. We have to convert back to fast-break defense. We were going great all game until they got going in the fourth quarter.”

On when they felt the lead slipping away:

“We failed to hold that lead. We have to learn from this right now. We’re going to come back in Game 2 with an attitude that we can’t quit.”

On preparing for Game 2::

“We have to watch the film and see what went wrong in the game and just be better for Game 2. We need to come in tomorrow ready to work and ready to improve. We have to go back to the lab and go back in tomorrow to get better. Just watch the film, particularly in that fourth quarter, and come ready to work and get ready for Game 2.”

Mike Conley

On the game:

“I think we gave it away. Give them (Clippers) credit they fought hard. We made some mental errors down the stretch and they took advantage of it. This is a long series and now we’ve got to take care of business.”

On the loss:

“Every loss hurts. This one hurts especially given the fact that we were up so many points. This is a long series; every loss is still a loss. We just have to come back ready to fight and be mentally prepared to play all four quarters.”

On the team:

“I think in this situation where we are up so many points we have to stay aggressive. I felt like we took our feet off the peddle a little bit and tried to walk the ball up instead of trying to pound it inside. We’ve got to stick to what we were doing, moving the ball and getting a little better tempo. We slowed it down and allowed them back in the game, allowed them to get a good rhythm.”

On coming back from this game:

“We have to go home and watch film. Spend all day tomorrow going over things and mistakes that got us in this situation tonight, learn from it and try to correct it. I feel like we have done that throughout the season and hopefully we can do that during the Playoffs. Just continue to play our ball. We got caught in their style for a little bit. Once we can control out tempo and control our game hopefully we can keep it for all four quarters.”

Rudy Gay

On the team:

“Of course people are down, we felt as if we gave this game away. Obviously we gave it away and everybody’s kind of down, but we’re still into it. It’s a long series and everybody is ready to fight. That’s all this means, we just got to fight harder.”

On the fourth quarter:

“We got too comfortable I think. We were up 27, but they are the type of team that can always be in the game. The type of players they have and the way Chris (Paul) played, the way he found people. Anything can happen. I think it’s probably good that it happened today in the first game, we can’t be too comfortable and we learned that lesson today.”

On playing with Marc Gasol and Zach Randolph:

“I think even though we haven’t been able to play because of injuries and been around each other as much. We’ve sat around each other, we watch each other and we know each other’s strengths and weaknesses. I don’t see that as a problem at all. I see it as we played great together for three quarters. We kind of let up in the fourth, I hate to say it, but it happens. We can’t let it happen to us again.”

Marc Gasol

On the game:

“It’s a heartbreaker. It’s tough to lose like that after being up with a good lead. We have to let it go. It’s going to be a long series, so we have to worry about the next game now.”

On when they felt the lead slipping away:

“When the game was over. When they made the last shot. We always believe we can win. At the end of the day, the game is over now. There is nothing we can do about this game. We have to worry about the second game on Wednesday.”

On the Clippers:

“We were up for three-and-a-half quarters. We just made some bad turnovers and took bad shots. They put a little pressure on us, so we got out of our rhythm. They ran and executed the offense. They made some big shots and ended up winning the game. They did a good job of pressuring the ball and making us get away from what we wanted to do. They denied the high-post, so we couldn’t go high-low, which is something that we like to do. They really turned it up and were a little more physical in that fourth quarter.”