Memphians get it.

The sweet spot where sports & entertainment meet. Whether on a mat, in a studio or up & down the hardwood, we go against the grain and celebrate our culturally unique style, flair, and an appreciation for a comeback story.

The Main Event uniform revives a beloved intersection of Memphis sports & entertainment for this year’s City Edition.

From the hallowed halls of the Ellis Auditorium and the Mid-South Coliseum to Saturday mornings on WMC TV to the bright lights of FedExForum, Memphis has hosted our fair share of athletes as entertainers and entertainers as athletes.

Our Main Event uniforms pays homage to the entertainers as athletes of the past – all the heels, faces, and kings alike that have made Memphis a wrestling hub for generations.

This season, for 82 games the Grizzlies will climb into the ring and for six of those matches we will don our Main Event uniforms.

Main Event Uniform Schedule

  • SaturdayNov 107:00 PM

    Memphis Grizzlies Wrestling Tee to the first 5,000 fans in attendance.

  • SaturdayDec 157:00 PM

    ‘Winter Slam’ Holiday Greeting Card Set to first 5,000 fans in attendance presented by Mercury Printing.

  • WednesdayJan 97:00 PM
    San AntonioSpurs
  • SaturdayFeb 97:00 PM
    New OrleansPelicans

    Wrestling Scarf to the first 5,000 fans in attendance.

  • WednesdayMar 207:00 PM
  • WednesdayMar 237:00 PM

    Grizzlies World Championship Belt to the first 5,000 fans in attendance.

Uniform Side Panel Design

The panel design draws its inspiration, form, and color base from the championship belts used throughout Memphis Wrestling history. The addition of the embossed ‘GNG’ connects our city and team’s cultural ethos of Grit & Grind with the no-holds-barred history of regional wrestling and the place Memphis held in that sports and entertainment boom.

Design & Steel Grey Uniform Color

Building from our new Steel Grey color base, our City Edition connects the all-new with old-school steel chairs and cages of Memphis Wrestling lore.

The uniform continues to carry through a core brand attribute from the Icon, Association and Statement editions – our blue collars. Our newly-designed inline type continues to represent the neon signs of Beale Street through the name and numbers across its chests and now with a vibrant pop of Grizzlies Gold.

Beale Street Blue Rope Accents

The use of three Beale Street Blue ropes, one on the collar and two on the waistline, harken to the ropes encircling wrestling rings, culminating in the MEM turn / belt buckle prominently displayed in front.

Grizzlies Gold Color Accents

Another departure from previous uniform systems, Grizzlies Gold transitions from its supporting role and is prominently featured in the uniform design, taking us back to the rich ‘flair’ of 1970’s Memphis Wrestling because every Main Event deserves a gold Championship Belt.


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