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2021 Memphis Grizzlies Read to Achieve Reading Challenge & Championship

Presented by:International Paper
Associate Partner:KPMG

The Memphis Grizzlies Read to Achieve Program (RTA) is in its 20th year and is an excellent way to encourage students to read and develop a love for reading. The Grizzlies, along with the support of sponsors International Paper and KPMG, are excited to provide this program for students throughout the Mid-South.

We welcome your support of the Read to Achieve Program and look forward to your school’s participation in the Reading Challenge.


  • Open to elementary school students grades 3-5 only
  • Students must read a minimum of six books in six weeks *Books should be at or above reading level of each student and must align with the book theme of the week:
    • Week 1: Fantasy Book - Any book that has a story that does not include true events, and is made up by imagination. (Example: talking animals, magical powers, etc.)
    • Week 2: Mystery Book - Any book with a suspenseful story about a puzzling event that is not solved until the end of the story.
    • Week 3: Science Fiction Book - Any book with a type of fantasy that uses science and technology (Example: robots, time travel, machines, etc.)
    • Week 4: Biography/Autobiography Book - Any book that contains the story of a real person’s life.
    • Week 5: Folklore Book - Any book that contains a story or stories that are passed down from one group to another (includes fairy tales, folk tales, myths, fables, legends, etc.)
    • Week 6: Reader's Choice Book - Any book of your choice that goes with your grade level.
  • Upon reading a book each week, there will be an interactive activity sheet for the student to complete
  • The challenge will run from January 25, 2021 until March 5, 2021
  • Students will receive a bookmark to log the titles of the books they read

Grand Prize

At the conclusion of the challenge all schools that have 100% participation will be entered into a drawing. The eligible school will win reams of paper courtesy of International Paper, and books from KPMG. A classroom from the winning school will receive an additional surprise from the Memphis Grizzlies.

Weekly Prizes

RTA Coordinators will be identified by each participating school. Each week, classes who have had 100% participation and completion of their reading will be entered into a drawing to win Grizzlies prizes; two classes will win every week! Coordinators will be asked to retrieve the prizes from the Shelby County Schools Headquarters. Schools that are not a part of the Shelby County School District will need to coordinate a time pick up their prizes outside of the Grizzlies office.

Registration Form

If you have any questions, please contact Surina Sandhu at ssandhu@grizzlies.com.


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