Yao and Yi? Bucks at Rockets on Friday, Nov. 9? Let us be your mailman (kind of like Karl Malone without the muscles and 36,928 career points) and allow us to deliver your questions to these Chinese stars in Houston. You can ask questions in two languages: Chinese or English. So we're tipping off the Mailbox feature today. Do you have question for Yi or Yao? Don't hold it in! Write us and tell us what you think.

广大的球迷朋友们, 本周五(11月9日),姚明和他所率领的休斯敦火箭队将在主场迎战另一名中国球员易建联所效力的密尔沃基雄鹿队。 如果你有任何关于这两位中国球员的问题,欢迎在这里提出。届时NBA.com将会从休斯敦努力为大家带回姚明与易建联的回答。 不要再犹豫,现在就提出你的问题吧!

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