The NBA World View: 12 Experts, 10 Countries and 20 Predictions For 2013-14

The Experts
With the start of the 2013-14 season just days away, a dozen of the world's top hoops experts -- representing the NBA's entire fleet of international web destinations -- came together to make some predictions about the 68th season in NBA history. Some predictions were, well, predictable. Like the Heat taking the title and LeBron continuing his reign as Best, By A Lot. Others, less so. (Hint: Check out the Call Me Crazy section)

Some came at questions from opposite sides. Some finished each other's sentences -- from opposite sides of the earth.

So before the season tips on Tuesday (along with a free, weeklong trial of NBA LEAGUE PASS for international users), find out what to expect in the world of the NBA, according to some of the world's best hoop heads.

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The Questions
1 – Who will be crowned NBA champions in 2013-14?
2 – Which team will win each conference?

3 – What teams are your surprise Playoff teams? (1 per conference)
Submitted via Facebook by Platon Z, Greece

4 – What teams will disappoint?

5 – Who will win MVP?
6 – Who will win Rookie of the Year?
7 – Who will have the biggest breakout year?
8 – Which international player will have the best year?