Shaquille O'Neal at NBA All-Star 2005

" ... But, I think heís hitting all the right notes with proportion. The one thing I see, and I donít know what this jacket looks like when he stands up, but it looks like heís buttoning the top button which I never would do. And I would go with something that doesnít have too high of a button stance, because I think a lot of these guys Ė and rightly so a lot of guys are into the multi-button suits Ė but I would never go more than three buttons. A lot of these guys should really be wearing two-button suits because itís just a little bit younger (look). And when you do wear a three-button suit, always only button the middle button; donít ever button the top button. So, thatís my advice to him, but I do like Ė heís got a pocket square. Heís turned out very well. Again, I donít think he needs the hat; That probably takes it to a little bit too much of a costume. But I think heís done a good job here."