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PositionOld TeamNew TeamPoints Per GameAssists Per GameRebounds Per GameAgeExperienceFree Agency TypeNews
Adams, JaylenJ. AdamsGATL--- YearsUFAHawks waive Adams
Adel, DengD. AdelFCLE---1.70.31221yr YearsUFA^Adel now a UFA
Alkins, RawleR. AlkinsGCHI--- YearsUFA^Alkins becomes UFA
Aminu, Al-FarouqA. AminuFPORORL7.71.26.1299yrs YearsUFAAminu signs with Magic
Anderson, JustinJ. AndersonF-GATL--- YearsUFAAnderson becomes UFA
Anderson, RyanR. AndersonFMIA--- YearsUFAHeat waive Anderson
Anthony, CarmeloC. AnthonyF---------------3516yrs YearsUFAKnicks-Anthony reunion?
Arcidiacono, RyanR. ArcidiaconoGCHICHI5.62.92.3252yrs YearsRFAArcidiacono returns to Bulls
Ariza, TrevorT. ArizaFWAS--- YearsUFAReport: Ariza to Kings
Barea, J.J.J. BareaGDAL---93.92.13513yrs YearsUFAReport: Barea staying
Barnes, HarrisonH. BarnesFSAC--- YearsUFA*Report: Barnes to re-sign
Bayless, JerrydJ. BaylessGMIN--- YearsUFA ---
Baynes, AronA. BaynesF-CBOSPHX5.40.74.4337yrs YearsUFA*Traded to Suns
Bazemore, KentK. BazemoreGATLPOR8.71.93.1307yrs YearsUFA*Bazemore dealt to Blazers
Bell, JordanJ. BellFGSWMIN3.91.43.1242yrs YearsRFAWolves add Bell
Bender, DraganD. BenderFPHX--- YearsUFA ---
Bertans, DairisD. BertansGNOP--- YearsUFAPelicans waive Bertans
Beverley, PatrickP. BeverleyGLACLAC93.54.3317yrs YearsUFABeverley stays with Clippers
Birch, KhemK. BirchCORL---4.50.84272yrs YearsRFABirch gets qualifying offer
Biyombo, BismackB. BiyomboCCHACHA4.90.56.3278yrs YearsUFA*Biyombo staying put
Bledsoe, EricE. BledsoeGMILMIL14.14.83.9309yrs YearsUFABledsoe inks extension
Blossomgame, JaronJ. BlossomgameFCLE--- YearsUFA^UFA status for Blossomgame
Bluiett, TrevonT. BluiettF-GNOP---000251yr YearsUFA^Bluiett becomes UFA
Bogdanovic, BojanB. BogdanovicFINDUTA13.31.43.4305yrs YearsUFAJazz sign Bogdanovic
Bogut, AndrewA. BogutCGSW--- YearsUFA ---
Bradley, AveryA. BradleyGMEMLAL121.83289yrs YearsUFALakers add Bradley
Brewer, CoreyC. BrewerF-GSAC--- YearsUFA ---
Brogdon, MalcolmM. BrogdonGMILIND12.83.63.5273yrs YearsRFABrogdon traded to Pacers
Bryant, ThomasT. BryantCWASWAS91.15.4222yrs YearsRFABryant re-signs with Wizards
Bullock, ReggieR. BullockF-GLAL--- YearsUFAReport: Knicks to get him
Burke, TreyT. BurkeGDAL--- YearsUFA ---
Burks, AlecA. BurksGSAC---9.51.73288yrs YearsUFAReport: Burks to Warriors
Butler, JimmyJ. ButlerF-GPHIMIA16.73.54.9308yrs YearsUFA*Butler traded to Heat
Calderon, JoseJ. CalderonGDET--- YearsUFA ---
Caldwell-Pope, KentaviousK. Caldwell-PopeGLALLAL11.91.63.3266yrs YearsUFACaldwell-Pope Returns
Carroll, DeMarreD. CarrollFBKNSAS9.11.34.33310yrs YearsUFACarroll dealt to Spurs
Carter, VinceV. CarterF-GATL--- YearsUFA ---
Carter-Williams, MichaelM. Carter-WilliamsGORL--- YearsUFAReport: Carter-Williams back
Caruso, AlexA. CarusoGLALLAL5.92.52.1252yrs YearsRFA^Lakers re-sign Caruso
Cauley-Stein, WillieW. Cauley-SteinCSACGSW10.11.66.4264yrs YearsUFACauley-Stein to Warriors
Caupain, TroyT. CaupainGORL---2.510.8241yr YearsUFA^Caupain becomes UFA
Cavanaugh, TylerT. CavanaughFUTA--- YearsUFA^Cavanaugh now a UFA
Chandler, TysonT. ChandlerCLAL--- YearsUFA Report: Chandler to Rockets
Chandler, WilsonW. ChandlerFLACBKN12.91.85.33212yrs YearsUFAChandler joins Nets
Chealey, JoeJ. ChealeyGCHA---210241yr YearsUFA^Chealey becomes UFA
Chriss, MarqueseM. ChrissFCLE--- YearsUFA ---
Clark, IanI. ClarkGNOP--- YearsUFA ---
Collison, DarrenD. CollisonGIND---12.552.73210yrs YearsUFACollison retires from NBA
Cook, QuinnQ. CookGGSWLAL7.41.92263yrs YearsRFALakers sign Cook
Cousins, DeMarcusD. CousinsCGSWLAL21.23.210.9299yrs YearsUFALakers sign Cousins
Crawford, JamalJ. CrawfordGPHX--- YearsUFA ---
Creek, MitchellM. CreekGMIN------------271yr YearsUFACreek becomes UFA
Cunningham, DanteD. CunninghamFSAS--- YearsUFA ---
Curry, SethS. CurryGPORDAL9.31.71.9296yrs YearsUFACurry officially joins Dallas
Daniels, TroyT. DanielsGPHXLAL70.61.3286yrs YearsUFALakers sign Daniels
Davis, EdE. DavisCBKN--- YearsUFAReport: Jazz to sign Davis
Davis, TerenceG---TOR---------220yrs YearsUFAUndrafted Davis to Raptors
Dedmon, DewayneD. DedmonCATL---6.50.76306yrs YearsUFAReport: Dedmon to Kings
Dekker, SamS. DekkerFWAS---5.50.83254yrs YearsUFADekker becomes UFA
Delgado, AngelA. DelgadoCLAC---1.502251yr YearsUFA^Delgado becomes UFA
Deng, LuolL. DengFMIN--- YearsUFA ---
Derrickson, MarcusM. DerricksonFGSW--- YearsUFA^Derrickson becomes UFA
Diallo, CheickC. DialloFNOP--- YearsUFADiallo becomes UFA
Dorsey, TylerT. DorseyGMEM--- YearsUFADorsey becomes UFA
Dozier, PJP. DozierF-GBOS--- YearsUFA^Dozier becomes UFA
Dragic, GoranG. DragicGMIAMIA13.74.83.13311yrs YearsUFA*Dragic opts in with Heat
Dudley, JaredJ. DudleyFBKNLAL7.71.63.33412yrs YearsUFADudley signs with Lakers
Durant, KevinK. DurantFGSWBKN274.17.13112yrs YearsUFA*Nets acquire Durant
Duval, TrevonT. DuvalGHOU--- YearsRFA^UFA status for Duval
Edwards, VincentV. EdwardsFHOU---1.501231yr YearsUFA^Edwards becomes UFA
Ellenson, HenryH. EllensonFNYK--- YearsUFA**Ellenson's option declined
Ellington, WayneW. EllingtonGDETNYK8.21.12.23210yrs YearsUFAKnicks pick up Ellington
Ennis III, JamesJ. Ennis IIIFPHIPHI6.50.93.2295yrs YearsUFA*Ennis returning to Philly
Evans, JawunJ. EvansGOKC---4.221.7232yrs YearsUFA^Evans now UFA
Faried, KennethK. FariedF-CHOU---11.418.1308yrs YearsUFA ---
Felton, RaymondR. FeltonGOKC---11.25.233514yrs YearsUFA ---
Finney-Smith, DorianD. Finney-SmithFDALDAL5.913.7263yrs YearsRFARe-signs with Mavs
Frazier, TimT. FrazierGMILDET5.24.12.4295yrs YearsUFAFrazier signs with Pistons
Fredette, JimmerJ. FredetteGPHX---61.41306yrs YearsUFA**Fredette's option declined
Frye, ChanningC. FryeF-CCLE---8.714.53614yrs YearsUFAFrye calls it a career
Garrett, BillyB. GarrettF-GNYK--- YearsRFA**Garrett's option declined
Gasol, MarcM. GasolCTORTOR153.47.73411yrs YearsUFA*Gasol accepts player option
Gasol, PauP. GasolF-CMIL---173.29.23918yrs YearsUFA ---
Gay, RudyR. GayFSASSAS17.62.25.93313yrs YearsUFAGay stays with Spurs
Gibson, TajT. GibsonFMINNYK9.816.43410yrs YearsUFAGibson moves to N.Y.
Gibson, JonathanJ. GibsonGBOS--- YearsUFAGibson becomes UFA
Goodwin, BrandonB. GoodwinGDEN--- YearsRFA^Goodwin becomes RFA
Grant, JerianJ. GrantGORL--- YearsRFA ---
Green, DannyD. GreenF-GTORLAL91.63.53210yrs YearsUFALakers sign Green
Green, GeraldG. GreenF-GHOU--- YearsUFAReport: Rockets keep Green
Green, JaMychalJ. GreenFLAC--- YearsUFAReport: Green returns to LA
Green, JeffJ. GreenFWAS--- YearsUFAReport: Green, Jazz agree
Harris, DevinD. HarrisGDAL--- YearsUFA ---
Harris, TobiasT. HarrisFPHIPHI15.41.96278yrs YearsUFAHarris stays with Sixers
Harrison, ShaquilleS. HarrisonGCHI---6.522.9252yrs YearsUFABulls waive Harrison
Haslem, UdonisU. HaslemFMIA--- YearsUFA ---
Hezonja, MarioM. HezonjaFNYKPOR7.31.33244yrs YearsUFAHezonja to Blazers
Hicks, IsaiahI. HicksFNYK--- YearsUFA^Hicks becomes UFA
Hill, GeorgeG. HillGMILMIL11.23.23.13311yrs YearsUFAHill stays with Bucks
Holiday, JustinJ. HolidayF-GMEM--- YearsUFA ---
Hollis-Jefferson, RondaeR. Hollis-JeffersonFBKN---9.925.9244yrs YearsUFAReport: Headed to Raptors
Holmes, RichaunR. HolmesF-CPHX--- YearsUFAReport: Bound for Kings
Hood, RodneyR. HoodGPORPOR12.61.92.8275yrs YearsUFAHood re-signs with Portland
Horford, AlA. HorfordF-CBOSPHI14.13.28.43312yrs YearsUFA*Horford moves to Sixers
House Jr., DanuelD. House Jr.F-GHOU---8.213.4253yrs YearsRFAReport: House to re-sign
Howard, DwightD. HowardCWASWAS17.41.512.63415yrs YearsUFA*Report: Traded to Grizzlies
Humphries, IsaacI. HumphriesCATL---302.2211yr YearsUFAHumphries becomes UFA
Hunter, RJR. HunterGBOS---30.41264yrs YearsUFA^Hunter now a UFA
Irving, KyrieK. IrvingGBOSBKN22.25.73.6278yrs YearsUFA*Nets officially sign Irving
Iwundu, WesW. IwunduFORLORL4.412.5252yrs YearsRFA**Magic ink Iwundu's option
Jefferson, AmileA. JeffersonFORL--- YearsRFA^Magic extend qualifying offer
Jenkins, JohnJ. JenkinsGNYK---50.81.5286yrs YearsUFA**Jenkins' option declined
Jerebko, JonasJ. JerebkoFGSW---6.20.843210yrs YearsUFA ---
Johnson, AmirA. JohnsonF-CPHI---71.25.43214yrs YearsUFA ---
Johnson, StanleyS. JohnsonFNOPTOR71.53.4234yrs YearsUFAJohnson to Toronto
Johnson, TylerT. JohnsonGPHXPHX112.53.3275yrs YearsUFA*Johnson opts in with PHX
Jones, TyusT. JonesGMIN--- YearsRFAWolves don't match offer
Jordan, DeAndreD. JordanCNYKBKN9.60.910.93111yrs YearsUFAJordan signs with Nets
Joseph, CoryC. JosephGIND--- YearsUFAReport: Joseph to Kings
Kaminsky, FrankF. KaminskyF-CCHA---9.81.64264yrs YearsUFAReport: Deal with Suns
Kanter, EnesE. KanterCPOR--- YearsUFAKanter says he's a Celtic
Kidd-Gilchrist, MichaelM. Kidd-GilchristFCHACHA8.81.25.6267yrs YearsUFA*Kidd-Gilchrist opts in
King, GeorgeG. KingFPHX---001251yr YearsUFA^King becomes UFA
Kleber, MaxiM. KleberFDALDAL6.10.83.9272yrs YearsRFAKleber, Mavs agree to deal
Korkmaz, FurkanF. KorkmazF-GPHI--- YearsUFA ---
Kornet, LukeL. KornetF-CNYK---6.91.23242yrs YearsUFAReport: Kornet to Chicago
Korver, KyleK. KorverFPHX---9.91.733816yrs YearsUFASuns waive Korver
Koufos, KostaK. KoufosCSAC---5.70.553011yrs YearsUFA ---
Lamb, JeremyJ. LambGCHAIND10.21.53.7277yrs YearsUFAPacers sign Lamb
Layman, JakeJ. LaymanFPORMIN4.60.51.8253yrs YearsRFALayman to Wolves
Lecque, JalenG---PHX---------190yrs YearsUFA ---
Lee, DamionD. LeeGGSW--- YearsRFA^Lee becomes RFA
Lemon, WaltW. LemonGCHI--- YearsUFABulls waive Lemon
Leonard, KawhiK. LeonardFTORLAC17.72.46.3288yrs YearsUFA*Kawhi officially joins LA
Leuer, JonJ. LeuerFMIL--- YearsUFABucks waive Leuer
Lin, JeremyJ. LinGTOR--- YearsUFA ---
Livingston, ShaunS. LivingstonGGSW---6.332.43315yrs YearsUFAWarriors waive Livingston
Looney, KevonK. LooneyFGSW---4.513.8234yrs YearsUFAReports: Looney re-signing
Lopez, BrookB. LopezCMILMIL17.31.56.53111yrs YearsUFALopez re-signs with Bucks
Lopez, RobinR. LopezCCHIMIL9.10.85.33111yrs YearsUFALopez joins brother, Bucks
Lucas, KalinK. LucasGDET---10.51.5302yrs YearsUFA^Lucas becomes UFA
Luwawu-Cabarrot, TimotheT. Luwawu-CabarrotF-GCHI--- YearsUFA ---
Lydon, TylerT. LydonFDEN--- YearsUFA ---
Lyles, TreyT. LylesFDENSAS7.61.13.9244yrs YearsRFALyles joins Spurs
Mack, ShelvinS. MackGCHA---6.63.12298yrs YearsUFA ---
Macura, J.P.J. MacuraGCHA---311.5241yr YearsUFA^Macura now UFA
Marjanovic, BobanB. MarjanovicCPHI--- YearsUFAMarjanovic, Mavs have deal
Martin, JarellJ. MartinFORL--- YearsUFAMartin becomes UFA
Mason, FrankGSAC------------252yrs YearsUFAKings waive Mason
Matthews, WesleyW. MatthewsF-GINDMIL13.72.23.13310yrs YearsUFABucks add Matthews
McCaw, PatrickP. McCawGTORTOR3.71.21.5243yrs YearsRFAMcCaw re-signs with Raptors
McConnell, T.J.T. McConnellGPHI--- YearsUFAReport: McConnell to Indy
McGee, JaValeJ. McGeeCLALLAL80.45.13111yrs YearsUFAMcGee re-signs
McGruder, RodneyR. McGruderF-GLAC--- YearsRFAMcGruder returns to LA
Meeks, JodieJ. MeeksGTOR--- YearsUFA ---
Mejri, SalahS. MejriCDAL---3.40.54334yrs YearsUFA ---
Melli, NicoloN. MelliFINL------------28--- YearsUFAReport: Melli, Pelicans close
Middleton, KhrisK. MiddletonFMILMIL15.73.24.4287yrs YearsUFA*Bucks' Middleton re-ups
Miles, CJC. MilesF-GMEMMEM9.61.12.43214yrs YearsUFA*Veteran Miles opts in
Miller, DariusD. MillerFNOP---61.41.7295yrs YearsUFAReport: Miller, Pels have deal
Millsap, PaulP. MillsapFDEN--- YearsUFA**Millsap's option picked up
Mirotic, NikolaN. MiroticFMIL--- YearsUFAMirotic to play overseas
Mitrou-Long, NazN. Mitrou-LongGUTA---1.310.4262yrs YearsUFA^Mitrou-Long now UFA
Monroe, GregG. MonroeCPHI--- YearsUFA ---
Moore, BenB. MooreFSAS---00.50.5242yrs YearsUFA^Moore now UFA
Moreland, EricE. MorelandF-CTOR---1.913.7284yrs YearsUFA ---
Morris, MarcusM. MorrisFBOS--- YearsUFAReport: Morris to Knicks?
Morris, MarkieffM. MorrisFOKCDET11.61.75.5308yrs YearsUFAPistons add forward Morris
Motiejunas, DonatasD. MotiejunasF-CSAS--- YearsUFA ---
Motley, JohnathanJ. MotleyFLAC---60.53242yrs YearsUFA^Motley becomes UFA
Mozgov, TimofeyT. MozgovCORL--- YearsUFAMagic waive Mozgov
Mudiay, EmmanuelE. MudiayGNYK--- YearsUFAReport: Mudiay, Jazz agree
Muscala, MikeM. MuscalaF-CLALOKC5.70.93.3286yrs YearsUFAMuscala signs with OKC
NeneNeneF-CHOU---11.31.863717yrs YearsUFA*Nene declines option
Neto, RaulR. NetoGUTAPHI4.81.91.3274yrs YearsUFANeto joins 76ers
Noah, JoakimJ. NoahCMEM--- YearsUFA ---
Noel, NerlensN. NoelF-COKCOKC8.21.26.5256yrs YearsUFA*Noel returns to OKC
Nowitzki, DirkD. NowitzkiFDAL--- YearsUFANowitzki ends storied run
Nwaba, DavidD. NwabaGCLE--- YearsUFAReport: Nwaba to join Nets
O'Quinn, KyleK. O'QuinnCINDPHI5.61.34.6297yrs YearsUFA76ers land O'Quinn
Okafor, JahlilJ. OkaforCNOPNOP11.50.95.1244yrs YearsUFA**Okafor's option picked up
Oubre Jr., KellyK. Oubre Jr.FPHXPHX9.40.83.7244yrs YearsRFAReport: Oubre returns to Suns
Pachulia, ZazaZ. PachuliaCDET--- YearsUFA ---
Parker, JabariJ. ParkerFWASATL15.12.15.7245yrs YearsUFA**Hawks add Parker
Patterson, PatrickP. PattersonFOKCOKC6.91.14.1309yrs YearsUFA*Big man opts in with OKC
Payne, CameronC. PayneGCLE------------254yrs YearsUFA ---
Payton, ElfridE. PaytonGNOPNYK11.16.64.4255yrs YearsUFAKnicks sign guard Payton
Pinson, TheoT. PinsonF-GBKNBKN4.51.22241yr YearsRFAPinson re-signs with Nets
Pondexter, QuincyQ. PondexterFSAS--- YearsUFA ---
Portis, BobbyB. PortisFWASNYK10.21.16.2244yrs YearsRFAPortis goes to New York
Porzingis, KristapsK. PorzingisF-CDALDAL17.81.37.1244yrs YearsRFAPorzingis re-signs with Mavs
Powell, DwightD. PowellF-CDALDAL7.50.94.5285yrs YearsUFA*Powell to get extension
Poythress, AlexA. PoythressFATL--- YearsUFA^Poythress now UFA
Randle, ChassonC. RandleGWAS--- YearsUFARandle becomes UFA
Randle, JuliusJ. RandleFNOPNYK15.42.78.9255yrs YearsUFA*Randle moves on to Knicks
Redick, JJJ. RedickGPHINOP12.9223513yrs YearsUFAPelicans add Redick
Reed, DavonD. ReedGIND--- YearsUFA^Pacers' Reed now UFA
Reynolds, CameronC. ReynoldsFMIN---50.71.6241yr YearsUFAWolves waive Reynolds
Rivers, AustinA. RiversGHOU---9.22.42277yrs YearsUFAReport: Rivers to return
Robinson, DevinD. RobinsonFWAS--- YearsUFA^Robinson now UFA
Robinson III, GlennG. Robinson IIIF-GDET--- YearsUFA**Warriors, Robinson agree
Rondo, RajonR. RondoGLALLAL10.48.54.83313yrs YearsUFARondo signs with Lakers
Rose, DerrickD. RoseGMINDET18.85.63.53111yrs YearsUFARose signs with Pistons
Ross, TerrenceT. RossF-GORLORL10.51.12.8287yrs YearsUFARoss re-signs with Magic
Rozier, TerryT. RozierGBOSCHA7.72.33.6254yrs YearsRFARozier traded to Charlotte
Rubio, RickyR. RubioGUTAPHX11.17.74.2298yrs YearsUFASuns add Rubio
Russell, D'AngeloD. RussellGBKNGSW16.55.13.7234yrs YearsRFAWarriors trade for Russell
Sampson, BrandonB. SampsonGCHI--- YearsUFA^Sampson now UFA
Satoransky, TomasT. SatoranskyF-GWASCHI6.63.72.8283yrs YearsRFABulls sign Satoransky
Scott, MikeM. ScottFPHIPHI7.10.93.1317yrs YearsUFA76ers retain Scott
Sefolosha, ThaboT. SefoloshaFUTA--- YearsUFA ---
Selden, WayneW. SeldenF-GCHI---7.31.52253yrs YearsUFASelden becomes UFA
Shumpert, ImanI. ShumpertGHOU--- YearsUFA ---
Simmons, JonathonJ. SimmonsFWAS------------294yrs YearsUFAWizards waive Simmons
Smith, IshI. SmithGDET--- YearsUFAReport: Smith off to D.C.
Smith, JasonJ. SmithCNOP------------3310yrs YearsUFA ---
Smith, JRJ. SmithGCLE--- YearsUFACavaliers waive Smith
Spalding, RayR. SpaldingFPHX--- YearsRFA**Spalding's option declined
Stauskas, NikN. StauskasGCLE--- YearsUFA ---
Stephenson, LanceL. StephensonGLAL--- YearsUFA ---
Sumner, EdmondE. SumnerGIND---2.80.41242yrs YearsRFAReport: Staying with Pacers
Teague, JeffJ. TeagueGMINMIN12.75.82.53110yrs YearsUFA*Guard opts in with Wolves
Temple, GarrettG. TempleF-GLACBKN5.91.62.1339yrs YearsUFANets add Temple
Teodosic, MilosM. TeodosicGLAC------------322yrs YearsUFATeodosic done in L.A.
Terrell, JaredJ. TerrellGMIN--- YearsUFA^Terrell now UFA
Theis, DanielD. TheisFBOS---5.513.9272yrs YearsRFAReport: Theis staying put
Thomas, IsaiahI. ThomasGDEN--- YearsUFAReport: Wizards get Thomas
Thomas, MattM. ThomasGINL------------240yrs YearsUFAReport: Thomas to Raptors
Thomas, LanceL. ThomasFNYK--- YearsUFAKnicks waive Thomas
Thompson, KlayK. ThompsonGGSW--- YearsUFAThompson says he's back
Thornwell, SindariusS. ThornwellGLAC--- YearsUFAClippers waive Thornwell
Tolliver, AnthonyA. TolliverFMINPOR6.40.93.43412yrs YearsUFATolliver to Blazers
Trier, AllonzoA. TrierGNYKNYK10.91.93.1231yr YearsRFA**Trier's option picked up
Udoh, EkpeE. UdohF-CUTA--- YearsUFA ---
Valanciunas, JonasJ. ValanciunasCMEMMEM12.10.88.5277yrs YearsUFA*Valanciunas stays in Memphis
Vonleh, NoahN. VonlehFNYKMIN5.10.85.4245yrs YearsUFAWolves adding Vonleh
Vucevic, NikolaN. VucevicCORLORL15.72.410.1298yrs YearsUFAVucevic re-signs with Magic
Wade, DwyaneD. WadeGMIA---225.44.73716yrs YearsUFAWade retires from NBA
Walker, KembaK. WalkerGCHABOS19.85.53.8298yrs YearsUFAWalker signs with Celtics
Wanamaker, BradB. WanamakerGBOS--- YearsUFAWanamaker back to Boston
Whitehead, IsaiahI. WhiteheadGDET--- YearsUFA^Whitehead now UFA
Whiteside, HassanH. WhitesideCMIA---13.40.611.4307yrs YearsUFA*Report: Traded to Blazers
Williams, AlanA. WilliamsF-CBKN--- YearsUFA^Williams now UFA
Williams, C.J.C. WilliamsGMIN---4.711.2292yrs YearsUFA^Youngster now UFA
Williams, JohnathanJ. WilliamsFLAL--- YearsRFA^Williams becomes RFA
Williams, TroyT. WilliamsFSAC---60.72.7253yrs YearsUFA^Williams becomes UFA
Williams, MarvinM. WilliamsFCHACHA10.51.35.33314yrs YearsUFA*Exercised player option
Wright, DelonD. WrightGMEM--- YearsRFAMavs trade for Wright
Yabusele, GuerschonG. YabuseleFBOS--- YearsUFACeltics waive Yabusele
Young, ThaddeusT. YoungFINDCHI13.41.763112yrs YearsUFABulls sign Young
Zeller, TylerT. ZellerCMEM---70.94.4297yrs YearsUFA ---
Zubac, IvicaI. ZubacCLACLAC6.90.84.6223yrs YearsRFAZubac returns to Clippers
  • UFA = Unrestricted Free Agent
  • RFA = Restricted Free Agent
  • " * " = Player Option
  • " ** " = Team Option
  • " *** " = Early Termination Option
  • " ^ " = Two-Way Free Agent

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