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2018 Free Agent Tracker

Player Name
PositionOld TeamNew TeamPoints Per GameAssists Per GameRebounds Per GameAgeExperienceFree Agency TypeNews
Acy, QuincyQ. AcyFBKN--- YearsUFA ---
Afflalo, ArronA. AfflaloGORL--- YearsUFA ---
Aldrich, ColeC. AldrichCMINATL3.10.53.3309yrs YearsUFAAldrich heads to Atlanta
Anderson, KyleK. AndersonFSASMEM5.31.93.9254yrs YearsRFAGrizzlies sign forward Anderson
Anthony, CarmeloC. AnthonyFOKCHOU2436.53415yrs YearsUFA***Anthony joins Rockets
Arcidiacono, RyanR. ArcidiaconoGCHICHI5.62.92.3241yr YearsRFA^Arcidiacono returns to Bulls
Ariza, TrevorT. ArizaF-GHOUPHX10.72.24.83314yrs YearsUFAVeteran Ariza goes to Suns
Arthur, DarrellD. ArthurFDENPHX6.50.83.5309yrs YearsUFA*Arthur traded to Suns
Artis, JamelJ. ArtisGORL------------251yr YearsUFA^ ---
Babbitt, LukeL. BabbittFMIA--- YearsUFA ---
Baker, RonR. BakerGNYKNYK3.11.81.4253yrs YearsRFA*Baker exercises option
Barton, WillW. BartonF-GDENDEN10.52.43.9276yrs YearsUFABarton officially back in Denver
Baynes, AronA. BaynesCBOSBOS5.40.74.4326yrs YearsUFABaynes stays with Celtics
Beasley, MichaelM. BeasleyFNYKLAL12.41.34.72910yrs YearsUFABeasley signs with Lakers
Belinelli, MarcoM. BelinelliF-GPHISAS101.72.13211yrs YearsUFABelinelli reunites with Spurs
Bertans, DavisD. BertansF-CSASSAS6.212.3262yrs YearsRFASpurs, Bertans reach deal
Bird, JabariJ. BirdGBOSBOS30.61.5241yr YearsRFA^Bird remains with Celtics
Bjelica, NemanjaN. BjelicaFMINSAC7.11.54.4303yrs YearsUFABjelica signs with Kings
Black, TarikT. BlackF-CHOU--- YearsUFA ---
Booker, TrevorT. BookerFIND--- YearsUFA ---
Bradley, AveryA. BradleyGLACLAC121.83288yrs YearsUFAClippers re-sign Bradley
Brewer, CoreyC. BrewerF-GOKC--- YearsUFA ---
Brooks, AaronA. BrooksGMIN---9.731.73310yrs YearsUFA ---
Brown, MarkelM. BrownGHOU------------263yrs YearsRFA^ ---
Brown, AnthonyA. BrownFMIN------------263yrs YearsUFA^ ---
Brown, LorenzoL. BrownGTOR--- YearsUFA ---
Caboclo, BrunoB. CabocloFSACHOU4.90.92.8234yrs YearsUFACaboclo joins Rockets
Calderon, JoseJ. CalderonGCLEDET8.95.82.43713yrs YearsUFAPistons sign Calderon
Caldwell-Pope, KentaviousK. Caldwell-PopeGLALLAL11.91.63.3255yrs YearsUFACaldwell-Pope stays with Lakers
Canaan, IsaiahI. CanaanGPHXPHX8.11.91.9275yrs YearsUFASuns re-sign Canaan
Capela, ClintC. CapelaCHOUHOU120.99.2244yrs YearsRFACapela re-signs with Rockets
Carter, VinceV. CarterF-GSACATL17.23.24.44120yrs YearsUFACarter signs with Atlanta
Carter-Williams, MichaelM. Carter-WilliamsGCHAHOU10.94.64.5275yrs YearsUFACarter-Williams signs with Rockets
Casspi, OmriO. CasspiFGSWMEM7.91.14309yrs YearsUFACasspi heads to Memphis
Cavanaugh, TylerT. CavanaughFATL--- YearsUFA ---
Chalmers, MarioM. ChalmersGMEM--- YearsUFA ---
Chandler, WilsonW. ChandlerFDENPHI12.91.85.33110yrs YearsUFA*Chandler opts in prior to trade
Clark, IanI. ClarkGNOPNOP5.61.21.3275yrs YearsUFAPelicans re-sign guard Clark
Collison, NickN. CollisonF-COKC---5.915.23814yrs YearsUFACollison retires after 15 seasons
Connaughton, PatP. ConnaughtonF-GPORMIL4.61.22.3253yrs YearsUFABucks add Connaughton
Cooke, CharlesC. CookeGNOP--- YearsUFA^ ---
Cooley, JackJ. CooleyCSAC------------272yrs YearsUFA^ ---
Costello, MattM. CostelloF-CSAS---10.52.3251yr YearsUFA^ ---
Cousins, DeMarcusD. CousinsCNOPGSW21.23.210.9288yrs YearsUFAWarriors sign Cousins
Craig, TorreyT. CraigF-GDENDEN5.20.93.4281yr YearsRFA^Nuggets reward Craig with deal
Crawford, JamalJ. CrawfordGMIN--- YearsUFA* ---
Crawford, JordanJ. CrawfordGNOP--- YearsUFA ---
Cunningham, DanteD. CunninghamFBKNSAS5.80.73.7319yrs YearsUFASpurs add Cunningham
Curry, SethS. CurryGDALPOR9.31.71.9285yrs YearsUFACurry signs with Blazers
Davis, EdE. DavisF-CPORBKN6.50.86.8298yrs YearsUFADavis heading to Nets
Dedmon, DewayneD. DedmonCATLATL6.50.76295yrs YearsUFA*Dedmon exercises option
Delaney, MalcolmM. DelaneyGATL--- YearsUFANo qualifying offer for Delaney
Deng, LuolL. DengFLALDAL14.82.36.13315yrs YearsUFADeng inks deal with Wolves
Doyle, MiltonM. DoyleGBKN------------251yr YearsRFA^ ---
Dozier, PJP. DozierGOKC--- YearsUFA^ ---
Durant, KevinK. DurantFGSWGSW274.17.13011yrs YearsUFA*Durant signs new deal
Ellington, WayneW. EllingtonGMIAMIA8.21.12.2319yrs YearsUFAEllington stays with Heat
Ennis, TylerT. EnnisGLAL--- YearsUFALakers waive Ennis
Ennis III, JamesJ. Ennis IIIFDET--- YearsUFA ---
Evans, TyrekeT. EvansF-GMEMIND15.74.84.6299yrs YearsUFAPacers nab Evans
Exum, DanteD. ExumGUTAUTA5.92.31.8233yrs YearsRFAExum staying with Jazz
Favors, DerrickD. FavorsF-CUTAUTA11.61.17.2278yrs YearsUFAFavors signs deal with Jazz
Felder, KayK. FelderGDET---3.81.31232yrs YearsUFA^ ---
Felton, RaymondR. FeltonGOKCOKC11.25.233413yrs YearsUFAFelton re-signs with Thunder
Ferrell, YogiY. FerrellGDALSAC8.62.62.4252yrs YearsUFAFerrell signs with Kings
Forbes, BrynB. ForbesGSASSAS8.21.41.9252yrs YearsRFASpurs, Forbes agree to deal
Frazier, TimT. FrazierGWAS--- YearsUFA ---
Frye, ChanningC. FryeFLALCLE8.714.53512yrs YearsUFACavs bring back Frye
Gay, RudyR. GayFSASSAS17.62.25.93212yrs YearsUFA*Gay returns to Spurs
George, PaulP. GeorgeFOKCOKC19.83.36.4288yrs YearsUFA*George staying put
Georges-Hunt, MarcusM. Georges-HuntGMIN--- YearsUFAGuard doesn't get qualifying offer
Gibson, JonathanJ. GibsonGBOS--- YearsUFAGibson an unrestricted free agent
Gordon, AaronA. GordonFORLORL12.52.26.2234yrs YearsRFAGordon stays in Orlando
Graham, TreveonT. GrahamF-GCHABKN4.10.82252yrs YearsUFANets sign Graham
Grant, JeramiJ. GrantFOKCOKC8.813.9244yrs YearsUFAGrant gets multiyear deal
Green, DannyD. GreenF-GSASTOR91.63.5319yrs YearsUFA*Green opts in; traded to Raptors
Green, JeffJ. GreenFCLEWAS13.21.64.53210yrs YearsUFAGreen heads home to D.C.
Green, GeraldG. GreenF-GHOUHOU9.70.92.53211yrs YearsUFARockets keep Green in fold
Hamilton, DanielD. HamiltonGOKC--- YearsUFA^ ---
Harrell, MontrezlM. HarrellF-CLACLAC11.21.24.4243yrs YearsRFAClippers re-sign Harrell
Harris, DevinD. HarrisGDENDAL10.83.92.23514yrs YearsUFAHarris back to Mavs
Harris, JoeJ. HarrisF-GBKNBKN9.41.52.8274yrs YearsUFANets re-sign Harris
Harrison, AaronA. HarrisonGDAL------------243yrs YearsUFANo qualifying offer for Harrison
Haslem, UdonisU. HaslemFMIAMIA7.60.96.73815yrs YearsUFAHeat re-sign Haslem
Hezonja, MarioM. HezonjaF-GORLNYK7.31.33233yrs YearsUFAHezonja heads to Knicks
Hicks, IsaiahI. HicksFNYK--- YearsRFA^ ---
Hilliard, DarrunD. HilliardGSAS--- YearsRFA^ ---
Holmes, RichaunR. HolmesF-CPHIPHX7.70.94.4253yrs YearsRFA**Sixers deal Holmes to Suns
Hood, RodneyR. HoodGCLE--- YearsRFACavs re-sign swingman Hood
House, DanuelD. HouseF-GPHX---8.213.4252yrs YearsUFA^ ---
Howard, DwightD. HowardCBKNWAS17.41.512.63315yrs YearsUFAWizards add Howard after buyout
Huestis, JoshJ. HuestisGOKC--- YearsUFA ---
Hunter, RJR. HunterGHOUATL30.41254yrs YearsUFAEx-GSU star Hunter signs with Hawks
Ilyasova, ErsanE. IlyasovaFPHIMIL10.61.15.83110yrs YearsUFAIlyasova reunites with Bucks
Ingram, AndreA. IngramGLAL--- YearsUFAIngram doesn't get qualifying offer
Jack, JarrettJ. JackGNYKNOP10.84.62.93513yrs YearsUFAJack re-joins Pelicans
Jackson, DemetriusD. JacksonGPHI--- YearsUFA^ ---
Jackson, AaronA. JacksonGHOUHOU813321yr YearsRFA**Rockets pick up Jackson's option
James, LeBronL. JamesF-GCLELAL27.27.27.43415yrs YearsUFA*Lakers officially sign LeBron
Jefferson, RichardR. JeffersonFDEN---12.6243817yrs YearsUFA ---
Jefferson, AmileA. JeffersonFMIN--- YearsUFANo qualifying offer for Jefferson
Jerebko, JonasJ. JerebkoFUTAGSW6.20.84319yrs YearsUFAJerebko joins champion Warriors
Johnson, WesleyW. JohnsonF-GLACLAC71.13.2319yrs YearsUFA*Johnson exercises option
Johnson, JoeJ. JohnsonF-GHOU---163.943717yrs YearsUFA ---
Johnson, AmirA. JohnsonF-CPHIPHI71.25.43113yrs YearsUFAJohnson returns to Sixers
Jokic, NikolaN. JokicCDENDEN16.35.19.6233yrs YearsRFA**Jokic signs extension with Nuggets
Jones Jr., DerrickD. Jones Jr.F-GMIA--- YearsRFA^ ---
Jordan, DeAndreD. JordanCLACDAL9.60.910.93010yrs YearsUFA*Mavs sign big man Jordan
Joseph, CoryC. JosephGINDIND6.92.82.6278yrs YearsUFA*Joseph exercises option
Kanter, EnesE. KanterCNYKNYK11.90.87.6267yrs YearsUFA*Kanter opts in
Kornet, LukeL. KornetF-CNYKNYK6.91.23231yr YearsRFA^Kornet staying with Knicks
Koufos, KostaK. KoufosCSACSAC5.70.552911yrs YearsUFA*Koufos exercises option
Larkin, ShaneS. LarkinGBOS--- YearsUFA ---
Lauvergne, JoffreyJ. LauvergneCSAS--- YearsUFA*Lauvergne declines player option
LaVine, ZachZ. LaVineGCHICHI16.13.53.4234yrs YearsRFABulls match offer sheet
Lawson, TyT. LawsonGWAS---12.762.7319yrs YearsUFA ---
Lee, DamionD. LeeGATLGSW6.80.92.9261yr YearsUFALee signs two-way deal with Warriors
Len, AlexA. LenCPHXATL7.90.86.3255yrs YearsUFAHawks sign center Len
Looney, KevonK. LooneyFGSWGSW4.513.8223yrs YearsUFALooney returns to Warriors
Lopez, BrookB. LopezCLALMIL17.31.56.53010yrs YearsUFABucks sign veteran center Lopez
Mack, ShelvinS. MackGORLMEM6.63.12288yrs YearsUFAMack signs with Grizzlies
Magette, JoshJ. MagetteGATL------------291yr YearsUFA^ ---
Matthews, WesleyW. MatthewsF-GDALDAL13.72.23.1329yrs YearsUFA*Matthews opts in with Mavs
Mbah a Moute, LucL. Mbah a MouteFHOULAC6.40.94.13210yrs YearsUFAMbah a Moute signs with Clippers
McCaw, PatrickP. McCawGGSW--- YearsRFAWarriors tender offer
McConnell, T.J.T. McConnellGPHIPHI6.44.72.9263yrs YearsRFA**Sixers stick with McConnell
McCree, ErikE. McCreeFUTA------------251yr YearsUFA^ ---
McCullough, ChrisC. McCulloughFWAS------------233yrs YearsUFA ---
McDermott, DougD. McDermottFDALIND7.80.82.1264yrs YearsUFAMcDermott signed by Pacers
McGee, JaValeJ. McGeeCGSWLAL80.45.13010yrs YearsUFABig man McGee heads to L.A.
Meeks, JodieJ. MeeksGWASWAS9.31.12.1319yrs YearsUFA*Meeks exercises option
Mejri, SalahS. MejriCDALDAL3.40.54323yrs YearsUFAMejri re-signs with Mavs
Mickey, JordanJ. MickeyF-CMIA---2.40.32243yrs YearsUFAHeat decline Mickey's option
Miller, MalcolmM. MillerFTOR--- YearsRFA^ ---
Mirotic, NikolaN. MiroticFNOPNOP12.31.35.9274yrs YearsUFA**Pelicans keep Mirotic in fold
Monroe, GregG. MonroeF-CBOSTOR13.22.18.3288yrs YearsUFAMonroe signs with Raptors
Moore, BenB. MooreFIND---00.50.5231yr YearsUFA^ ---
Muhammad, ShabazzS. MuhammadF-GMIL---90.52.8265yrs YearsUFAReport: Muhammad to re-sign with Bucks
Munford, XavierX. MunfordGMIL--- YearsRFA^ ---
Muscala, MikeM. MuscalaF-CATLPHI5.70.93.3275yrs YearsUFA*Hawks trade Muscala to Sixers
Napier, ShabazzS. NapierGPORBKN6.421.7274yrs YearsUFANapier signs with Nets
Nelson, JameerJ. NelsonGDET---11.35.133614yrs YearsUFA ---
Neto, RaulR. NetoGUTAUTA4.81.91.3263yrs YearsRFAGuard Neto signs with Jazz
Niang, GeorgesG. NiangFUTAUTA2.90.51.2252yrs YearsRFANiang reaches deal with Jazz
Noah, JoakimJ. NoahCNYK--- YearsUFAKnicks waive veteran Noah
Noel, NerlensN. NoelCDALOKC8.21.26.5244yrs YearsUFAThunder sign Noel
Nogueira, LucasL. NogueiraCTOR--- YearsUFANoguiera enters unrestricted free agency
Nowitzki, DirkD. NowitzkiF-CDALDAL20.72.47.54020yrs YearsUFANowitzki signs for 21st season
Nurkic, JusufJ. NurkicCPORPOR11.61.98244yrs YearsRFANurkic re-signs with Blazers
Nwaba, DavidD. NwabaFCHICLE7.21.23.9252yrs YearsRFACavaliers sign Nwaba
O'Quinn, KyleK. O'QuinnF-CNYKIND5.61.34.6286yrs YearsUFA*Pacers pick up O'Quinn
Okafor, JahlilJ. OkaforCBKNNOP11.50.95.1233yrs YearsUFA ---
Pachulia, ZazaZ. PachuliaCGSWDET6.81.35.83415yrs YearsUFAPachulia, Pistons agree to deal
Paige, MarcusM. PaigeGCHA--- YearsUFAPaige's option declined
Parker, JabariJ. ParkerFMILCHI15.12.15.7234yrs YearsUFAParker heads home to Chicago
Parker, TonyT. ParkerGSASCHA15.55.62.73617yrs YearsUFAParker signs with Hornets
Paul, ChrisC. PaulGHOUHOU18.59.74.53313yrs YearsUFAPaul re-signs for 4 years
Payton, ElfridE. PaytonGPHXNOP11.16.64.4244yrs YearsUFAGuard Payton joins Pelicans
Payton II, GaryG. Payton IIGLAL--- YearsUFA^ ---
Perkins, KendrickK. PerkinsCCLE---5.415.83414yrs YearsUFACavs waive veteran Perkins
Perrantes, LondonL. PerrantesGCLE------------231yr YearsUFA ---
Peters, AlecA. PetersFPHX------------231yr YearsUFA^ ---
Plumlee, MarshallM. PlumleeCMIL--- YearsRFA^ ---
Pondexter, QuincyQ. PondexterF-G---SAS4.50.71.8305yrs YearsUFASpurs pick up Pondexter
Quarterman, TimT. QuartermanGHOU------------232yrs YearsUFA ---
Randle, JuliusJ. RandleF-CLALNOP15.42.78.9244yrs YearsRFARandle, Pelicans agree to deal
Redick, JJJ. RedickF-GPHIPHI12.9223412yrs YearsUFARedick stays with 76ers
Rivers, AustinA. RiversGLACWAS9.22.42266yrs YearsUFA*Rivers opts in before trade
Robinson III, GlennG. Robinson IIIF-GINDDET4.40.62.1244yrs YearsUFAPIstons sign Robinson III
Rondo, RajonR. RondoGNOPLAL10.48.54.83212yrs YearsUFALakers officially add Rondo
Rose, DerrickD. RoseGMINMIN18.85.63.5309yrs YearsUFAWolves bring back Rose
Sampson, JaKarrJ. SampsonFSAC--- YearsRFA^ ---
Scott, MikeM. ScottFWASLAC7.10.93.1306yrs YearsUFAClippers pick up Scott
Sessions, RamonR. SessionsGWAS--- YearsUFA ---
Shumpert, ImanI. ShumpertGSACSAC7.31.93.4287yrs YearsUFA*Shumpert exercises option
Smart, MarcusM. SmartGBOSBOS9.33.93.5244yrs YearsRFACeltics ink Smart to multiyear deal
Smith, JasonJ. SmithF-CWASWAS6.10.73.43210yrs YearsUFA*Smith opts in with Wizards
Speights, MarreeseM. SpeightsF-CORL--- YearsUFA ---
Stauskas, NikN. StauskasGBKNPOR6.81.52.1254yrs YearsUFAGuard Stauskas signs with Portland
Stephenson, LanceL. StephensonGINDLAL8.62.94.2288yrs YearsUFAVeteran Stephenson joins Lakers
Temple, GarrettG. TempleF-GSACSAC5.91.62.1328yrs YearsUFA*Temple exercises option
Teodosic, MilosM. TeodosicGLACLAC842.4311yr YearsRFA*Teodosic opts in with Clippers
Terry, JasonJ. TerryGMIL--- YearsUFA ---
Thomas, IsaiahI. ThomasGLALDEN18.65.12.5297yrs YearsUFADenver picks up veteran Thomas
Tolliver, AnthonyA. TolliverFDETMIN6.40.93.43310yrs YearsUFATolliver returns to Wolves
VanVleet, FredF. VanVleetGTORTOR8.33.32.2242yrs YearsRFAVanVleet, Raptors stay together
Vonleh, NoahN. VonlehFCHINYK5.10.85.4234yrs YearsUFAVonleh inks deal with Knicks
Wade, DwyaneD. WadeGMIAMIA225.44.73615yrs YearsUFAWade re-signs for final year
Wallace, TyroneT. WallaceGLACLAC5.51.22.2241yr YearsRFA^Clippers match offer to keep Wallace
Walton Jr., DerrickD. Walton Jr.GMIACHI---------231yr YearsRFA^Walton inks deal with Bulls
Wear, TravisT. WearFLALLAL40.72.1282yrs YearsRFAWear gets two-way contract
Webb III, JamesJ. Webb IIIFBKN------------251yr YearsUFA^ ---
West, DavidD. WestFGSW--- YearsUFAFormer All-Star West retires
White, OkaroO. WhiteFCLE--- YearsUFA ---
White III, AndrewA. White IIIFATL------------251yr YearsUFA^ ---
Whitehead, IsaiahI. WhiteheadGDEN--- YearsUFAWhitehead waived from Nuggets
Wilcox, CJC. WilcoxGPOR------------284yrs YearsUFA^ ---
Young, JamesJ. YoungGPHI------------224yrs YearsUFA ---
Young, NickN. YoungF-GGSW---11.4123311yrs YearsUFA ---
Young, JoeJ. YoungGIND---3.40.91263yrs YearsUFAPacers decline Young's option
Young, ThaddeusT. YoungFINDIND13.41.763011yrs YearsUFA*Young opts into contract
  • UFA = Unrestricted Free Agent
  • RFA = Restricted Free Agent
  • " * " = Player Option
  • " ** " = Team Option
  • " *** " = Early Termination Option
  • " ^ " = Two-Way Free Agent

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