Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, today's NBA stars were just kids at home watching The Finals like the rest of us and dreaming of some day getting a chance to show their skills on that ultimate stage.

NBA.com asked a number of players what their favorite Finals-watching moment from their younger days.

Jason Terry, Atlanta Hawks
"In 1987, when Magic Johnson connected with his 'junior, junior, junior skyhook' in Game 4 with two seconds remaining that gave the Lakers a 107-106 victory and a 3-1 lead in the series."

Stephen Jackson, Atlanta Hawks
"In 1993, when Michael Jordan was in the Bulls' locker room hugging his father and crying, while flashing 3/4 fingers signifying the titles Chicago had won and the amount he thought the Bulls might win."

Josh Howard, Dallas Mavericks
"The first game of the 2001 Finals -- Allen Iverson and the 76ers beat the L.A. Lakers."

Eduardo Najera, Dallas Mavericks
"1980 Lakers vs. 76ers. Magic Johnson, in his rookie season, has to lead the team because Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has to sit. Magic scores 42."

Chauncey Billups, Detroit Pistons
"My favorite NBA Finals moment was when the Lakers played the Celtics and Magic hit the last second shot. Magic came across the rim with a sky-hook. I'm a Magic fan. So, he's my favorite player of all time. So, that was one of the biggest moments: beating the Celtics with the sky-hook shot, last second shot."

Richard Hamilton, Detroit Pistons
"Michael Jordan, when he faked the one hand and switched it to the other against the Lakers [in '91]."

Tayshaun Prince, Detroit Pistons
"I was a Laker fan so I would have to say the Lakers and Boston. I don't remember what year, but when Magic hit the hook shot to win it..." [For those keeping track: It was in 1987 when the Lakers took the series 4-2.]

Jeff Foster, Indiana Pacers
"I guess, 1986, when the Rockets played the Celtics. I was nine, so that's about all I remember. I remember sitting there watching it, but that's about it."

Anthony Johnson, Indiana Pacers
"My first memory was probably day games - the Celtics playing the Lakers and Boston Garden being maybe 130 degrees or something like that. I remember the commentators talking about the players sweating profusely. That was my first memory. My second was probably Isiah (Thomas) scoring, like, 25 in the third quarter against the Lakers on a bum ankle. That was unbelievable to me. That was the time I was maybe 17 or 18 and I really started following basketball a little more closely. For somebody to score 25 in one quarter on a bum ankle was just unbelievable and the Lakers were my team, so that kind of hurt me a little bit. Isiah's performance in that game was unbelievable."

Elton Brand, Los Angeles Clippers
"I never went, but my memories of course are of (Michael) Jordan. I remember watching him perform each time in those Finals that he played in. He was just amazing. I watched that last second shot he hit against Utah from a little TV - I was in North Carolina, it was my freshman year in college. Growing up as a kid it was the Lakers-Celtics and I definitely followed it then, too."

Rick Fox, Los Angeles Lakers
"I'd have to stretch that till my late teens because we didn't have the NBA Finals when I was growing up in the Bahamas. But I would have to say it's with the 76ers when they won. I was a 76er fan in the early 80s when they had their championship run."

Shawn Marion, Phoenix Suns
"I went to watch the Lakers and Philly. It was cool. I wish we were playing, though. But it was cool just go. I was too busy trying to play when I was little (to care much about the Finals)."

Damon Stoudamire, Portland Trail Blazers
"My NBA moment would have to be watching the Pistons beat the LA Lakers!!! With the Blazers, it would be when the Blazers beat the Utah Jazz and Phoenix Suns to go to the finals. Winning both games on the road is what I remember most."

Shareef Abdur-Rahim, Portland Trail Blazers
"My favorite NBA memories are of watching the LA Lakers and Boston Celtic battles. Watching those two teams play is one of the reasons I love this game!"

Ruben Patterson, Portland Trail Blazers
"My favorite NBA memories are of watching the LA Lakers and Boston Celtic battles. Watching those two teams play is one of the reasons I love this game!"
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Rashard Lewis, Seattle SuperSonics
"The Rockets beat Phoenix when they were down three to one, they came back and won that series and they went on and won the championship that year. Mario Elie had the "kiss of death" to beat them in Phoenix. Growing up in Houston, that's one of my memories."

Nick Collison, Seattle SuperSonics
"I pretty much only remember Bulls Finals my whole life, so I'd probably say Michael Jordan's game-winning shot, over (Bryon) Russell. That's the one play, the one moment I remember. Maybe (John) Paxson hitting the shot against Phoenix, because I was a big Bulls fan. One of those two, probably."